You have to make a decision and you have to just stick to it.

It really is that simple and yet, you look here, you look there, you think you have to be perfect, you think your thing is too weird, you think YOU are too weird…

And so, you delay, you procrastinate and ultimately, no one is impacted by the work that your deepest soul is calling on you to release.

YOU know people need it! but you cannot convince yourself that they will buy it from you and so you try and hide it, you try and package it up in all kinds of fancy ways that detract from the real message, that distract you as well because you are trying to be marketer extraordinaire when really, you just need to wake up and do the real work you are called to do.

And so, I return to the start…

It is simply a decision!

A decision that YOU can make in this moment, right now.

You can decide that the work you are called to do is important enough to focus on solely until you make it work.

You can set your intention so strong that nothing, NOTHING will shake it.

You can just decide NOW!

Why will you not do that?

This half-life thing you are doing may seem successful on the surface but it is so unsatisfying to you!  So why cling so tightly to it?

  1. Open yourself up and accept that the work you are called to do may seem weird to most but the people you are called to serve have been waiting for you to show up.

  2. Determine to be the weird, crazy, strong person you think you are so that your people can find you.  (the truth is, yourpeople will thank you for being you!)

  3. Do it daily in some way – You are so privileged to live in a day and age where you can set up shop online and choose to reach people all over the planet so do you think that if you focused and showed up, you could potentially find a few people who want what you have out of the 7 billion people on the planet?

  4. Believe it! even when you do not believe you can then show up anyway

  5. Put in place a way to build your audience – so learn the foundational principles of marketing or get someone to teach you or do it for you.

  6. Work with a coach to hold you accountable to your calling because honey, if you had been able to do it yourself, you already would have – You need someone to believe in you now when your people are few and far between so that you can stay on path until your people are many (and even then, you will need a coach to keep you on track and not swallowed up in your ego!)

  7. Be a leader and stop letting your emotions, your fears, your doubts keep you avoiding the real work you are actually called to do.

  8. Accept that at the start, it will feel weird and you may not sound that strong so the response will also be muted but determine to shed the rubbish quickly by showing up imperfectly anyway so the power of you can come through.

  9. Abundance is your birthright so determine as well to make money doing this thing that you do.  And stop buying into the lie that it is somehow wrong for you to make money doing what you are uniquely called to do.

  10. You, being you and doing the work you are called to do, is important to the evolution of the planet so please just get on with it.

Look here, I am particularly skilled at working with spiritual people who have a calling, who feel stuck and unable to get themselves into solid action making their purpose and calling happen now.  I am particularly good at helping you take yourself away from the ‘okay’ existence and getting you to the ‘Oh my goodness, why did I not do this years ago’ existence.  I am particularly great at getting you to fully own the powerful person you are.  You kinda know you are but for whatever reason, you have not fully unleashed you and I can help you do exactly that.

In fact, people like you inspire me…

With the weird and yet soooo powerful message you carry!  Whether it is all about how water can help the world, or how tapping into your sexuality is the answer to everything and all the other things in between!

Possibly because I am weird too and just get on with owning it!

So, YOU! I am calling you out! And yes, I expect you to invest in yourself in order for us to work together.

Interested in finding out more? Pop over to Make Stuff Happen Now – Listen in to it, read the page and if you want to be one of the 5 peeps I work one-on-one with for 90 days to unleash their message and ramp up their business starting on Sunday 29th then PM me or email me.

It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business you want.

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