If you have been in business growth or personal development for any length of time, you have heard it all when it comes to gratitude.  Every one talks about it and maybe, you have tried to be grateful but usually you fall short of full gratitude because frankly, there are days when it feels like you have nothing to be grateful for.

And yet, there is a part of you that thinks that they must be right and maybe you even think the gods will punish you if you do not find a way to be grateful.  I have been like this.  Gratitude is not something that comes naturally to me at all.  I used to find it easier to see the bad than the good.  I found it easier to watch out for something going wrong than to watch out for the good and it was not a pleasant way to live.  There are still times when I get draggedinto that mindset but I have learnt to redirect my focus by taking the time to write out things I am grateful for.

Everything that I am now, is a result of discipline and choice and there is still some way to go.

So, I know that you too can choose to be gratitude but it may help you to understand why it is so useful to your psyche to be grateful more/all of the time.

There is never a good reason to do something blindly so do read on…

  1. Gratitude shifts your outlook from lack to opportunity and abundance

It is too easy to only think about what you do not have when building a business and you stop seeing all the strides you have taken and how far you are from when you fisrt began.  I remember talking with my million dollar coach about all the things my busines was not doing and how I wanted this to work and it hadn’t and the tother thing as well.  And finally, she broke through to ask me about all the things that HAD worked and things that I DID have and I was pretty surprised to note that there were a lot of great things happening but somehow those things had escaped my mind, leaving only feelings of lack and want.

As I deliberately chose to start writing out a 10 point gratitude list each day, things in my business and in my psyche started to change.  Sudenly, I welcomed in more of the good things and started to see more of them happening.

How can you implement this in your life?  Could you do a 10 point gratitude list each day?

2. Gratitude makes you feel better

It is tough to hold on to negativity when you are deliberately choosing to look for things to be grateful for.  And it is so much easier to do great work when you feel good inside.  As you contemplate the things and people and events in your life that make you glad, you start to feel glad and you start to create more opportunities to feel great.

How cool is that!  It may not be rocket science but honey, all we are looking for here is a ‘pick me up’ to get your business working because you are doing more inspired work as you tap into gratitude and a feeling of abundance.

3. Gratitude makes people around you feel better

You are in business and you will be dealing with people and no one wants to buy from the negative jingo.  They may humour you and laugh at your sad, depressing jokes but when it comes down to it, people will mostly avoid you and your negativity.  So, for the growth of your business, be grateful.

Listen, I can try to reason with you until the cows come home but the best way to see the benefits of gratitude is to practise it.  Right now, take a few minutes to think of 10 things that yo ure grateful for and see how you feel after that.

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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