This is the question that plagues your mind.  You have worked hard, put something together that you know will absolutely help anyone that avails themselves of it and yet, it is so hard to get anyone to make a move, to pull out their wallet, to pay you the money to allow you to serve them…

And it is tedious!

You wonder if you will ever break through!

And if you are like most entrepreneurs, you keep working on the back-end of your business, the part that no real person can see until they make that initial agreement to buy from you.  You hide in the back, trying to perfect things for the non-existent customers!

That is so silly!

You need to figure out why you are not communicating in a way that will get people to MOVE and guess how you figure that out?!

By actually speaking to your people!

By asking the question about what they want and then actually paying attention to what they tell you that they want.

Yes, I get it – You are purpose-driven, you know that they need something deeper than what they SAY they want but don’t you see that they do not know it yet?

They want what they want and you are not telling them that you can give it to them.

Your marketing materials are talking about the deeper needs that they have but they are thinking about their surface wants.

And so, there is a miscommunication.

They want to fit into their wedding dress next week, you are talking about the mindset strategies for having a healthy body…

They want people to comment on how lovely their skin looks, you are talking about the long-term strategy of having a good diet.

They want a magic bullet strategy that will take them from zero to hero in 3 seconds flat, you are talking about them doing the work for the next 12 months or more.

Ok, so yes, I recognise that some of what your people really want is just plain impossible but guess what, you will not be able to teach them that without first getting their attention by talking in terms of what they DO want, impossible or not!

This is their journey – Honour where they are at!  Not where you think they SHOULD be.

Stop making it too complicated and stop making your marketing a moral issue where you are thinking that you are the bad guy!

What do your people want?

In their own words?

Don’t Know?

Ask them the question!

I know you want to think that your people are too wise to fall for hype…

They are not!

They may complain about it…

They may tell you how you are being all hype-y

YOU may feel all hype-y and silly!

But the simple question I have to ask you is this…

Do you want to help people or not?

Because if  you do want to help them, then understand human nature as it is, not as you wish it should be.

Humans buy on emotion EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK!

And while you are trying to logic-alize them into your business so that you can help them with your super-duper thing, they are buying from the person next door with all the hype and pizzazz that may not be able to help them as well as you can.

Am I saying you need to lie to people?


I am saying you need to speak about your thing in the way that they think about their needs, wants, desires.  And whether you like it or not, humans think in hype-y terms.  They want the quick solution.  They want the magic bullet blueprint that works for everyone in a specific way.  They want the answer-in-a-box.


But your lack of confidence is keeping it from them.  You tell yourself that you are being honest but really, you are scared that what you have to offer is not good enough and may be disappointing to them so you play it down and down and down so that you can tell yourself that you are being ‘honest’ and ‘ethical’!

That don’t pay your bills!

And more importantly, THAT HELPS NO ONE!

So, honey, get over yourself and sell them what they want while KNOWING that you will give them what they need!

And then, once they buy from you,  get them the solution they really do want.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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