I believe you have a destiny

A calling

A vision that will elevate your life, financially and otherwise

Something that is uniquely yours to bring to life

And despite what the title says, every time I use the word ‘destiny’ it gives me this inner delicious shiver as I picture 334000 spirit-driven souls from all over the world living into their destinies…

But it also gives me this despairing feeling too…

Let me explain

I was brought up on these kinds of words at church…

Destiny, calling, vision


And yet, for years, I wondered why it seemed that so many of the people around me in church were doing ANYTHING but living their vision, destiny, calling…

They were singing loudly about it

Decreeing this and that

But then… NOTHING!

No change

Life just went on as normal when they had finished their weekly performance…

They talked about waiting on the Lord, waiting for the perfect time…

They made it sound noble

But anyone with clear sight could see that they were simply not doing anything to get to their destiny

Some more proactive types were preparing and preparing AND PREPARING

But that was it.

We, spirit-driven souls, were the ones who KNEW that we had crazy amazing Divine power within ourselves and yet, there did not seem to be very many demonstrations of it…

Only a few select people seemed to have cracked the code and everyone else was hoping and wishing and praying that these select few would shower some attention their way…

It frustrated me

It frustrates me still

I see you, spirit-driven soul (and yes, I am generalising), sitting on your behind affirming and begging and pleading with the Universe for respite but then NOTHING!


You wait for your destiny to come hit you over the head and even when it does, you DO NOTHING

And then you moan about no opportunities, time, money, support…


How very frustrating to watch you do this

Yes, this journey can seem scary but surely, you see that it is even scarier to continue down your path and get to the end and realise you never ever made a start…

You who KNEW you were born for something more

You who KNEW you had an amazing destiny and yet…


So, yes, I love the word destiny

And I hate it too because it seems to give you the idea that it is destined to happen whether you play full out or not

I used to believe that too

And then I went bankrupt and depressed


I began to ACTIVELY claim my destiny

Will you?

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Much Amazing Love

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