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We humans can be pretty crazy!


We keep putting ourselves in situations that can easily be avoided.


And why?


Because we want to save face, or we are too scared to say what we actually think or because we think we are doing ‘them’ a favour?

Or maybe just because you want to be accepted and you want so desperately to trust someone that you choose the wrong person altogether!

And you have seen the signs…

You knew it was coming…

And yet, you stayed in place, waiting to receive the letdown.  Are you a glutton for punishment?

The thing is that it still hurts so much when something you hoped for, worked for, believed for does not come to pass.

It can be a relationship that ended up being pretty emotionally or physically abusive…

A business deal with partners who did not keep their end of the bargain and then even tried to blame you for it…

A career move you were promised that then came to nothing because the person you thought had your back, actually did not…

Someone you were supporting who turns on you at the first opportunity…

Whatever it is, you invested your time, your love, your hope in this thing or this person and it all came to nothing.

And yet, you still trust them to follow through – You feel you must hope it will work out because the alternative seems too hard to deal with and you are scared of having to do the work to extricate yourself from the mess you now find yourself in.

Well, honey, it is time to man up.

It is time to claim back your life…

It is time to take responsibility for your part in this and move right along on to sorting out the problem.  Nothing ever changes by trying to avoid it.


It just gets worse and you know it does.  You might be trying to deceive yourself into inaction but you can see the signs, you can feel the signs…  There is nowhere to run because either you deal with it now, or you deal with it in a HUGER way later.

What is your choice?

I can pretend to sympathize and empathize and make you feel like it is not your fault but that does not deal with the issue at all!  Until, you see that you have been trying to abdicate responsibility for your own happiness to someone else then you will never be free of this particular situation.

And you want to be free, right?

I get it, you may be holding on to this situation because you think the other person will do the ‘right’ thing!

You forget that their version of the right thing may be completely different from yours and unless you take your own life into your own hands then you stay in a mess, waiting and hoping that they will care enough about you to make you happy, IN THE WAY YOU WANT THEM TO!

Come on, now!  You are a warrior!

Not a wimp!

You are someone who takes charge!  You do not leave the important decisions of your life to anyone else, do you?

Are you willing for this situation to carry on or not?


Then do the hard work now. Stop delaying, avoiding, pretending, hiding and start showing up powerfully.  Be the leader you know you are created to be.

Sort this stuff out.

Have the hard conversations.

Do the hard, scary work now!  Before you have no choice but to do it with even more drama attached to it.

You can, you can, you can!

It feels tough but you can do it.

OK, Begin!

Do it today!  Don’t find excuses not to do it, just do it!


These dramatic situations need to go and they will only go when you rise victorious in your TRUE DESIGN self.

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Much Amazing Love

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