Why do you put up with it?

The getting up out of bed.

A few hours after you actually woke up.

Having lay there for 3/4 hours of sad contemplation of what your life has become.

Finally, you get up, already sad.

Wondering if you can call in sick again.

Sometimes you do.

But the fear that you will lose the job you do not want, eats at you so most times, you go in.

You go in and try to make conversation with people who seem to have nothing much in common with you.

Except maybe complaints.

That is one place where you can all find a common ground.


BUt you find yourself having an almost out-of-body experience as you watch yourself pretending to be one of these people, talking with them, complaining with them, trying to seem normal.

While inside you are wondering why on earth they are still moaning about that same thing they have been moaning about for the last few weeks.Why do they not do anything about it?

Don’t they have bigger dreams than just going over the same sad dramas again and again?

But you are too scared to notice that you are like this, too.

You keep telling yourself that you are biding your time.

Waiting for the right time (which never comes as you get more shackled to a ‘less-than’ existence with more responsibilities and expectations that others have of you)

You tell yourself that this is not all you are.

And on this point, we can agree, THIS IS NOT ALL YOU ARE!

I KNOW that.

And yet, why do you keep putting up with this?

It has been years now since you promised yourself that this was just temporary while you found your feet.

And now, you are still here.

Trapped by your need for certainty, security and safety.

And it is reasonable.

Of course, it is reasonable.

But you KNOW, my love.

You KNOW there is much more to you than this.

The longings of your heart seem to come out in your nighttime dreams.

Then you wake up with despair, to a life that is nothing like what you thought it would be.

And yet, why do you keep putting up with it?

I know you have reasons.

And they are great sounding reasons.

And yet, this is your one life.

I know you think you have to.

But when did you become a slave to money?

And a slave to your reputation?

You let these things call the shots.

So scared of not having money and so you sell your freedom to get it.

So scared of being an outsider and so you dumb yourself down to fit in!

And it is all draining the life out of you because this is not the way it is supposed to be.

You expected life to be one long fun adventure.

You had vision. You still do.

You were sure when you even took that job that you would change things but you did not count on the determination of everyone around you to stay exactly the way they are until they get their beloved pension.

They demeaned you subtly until you too began to join the drones.

Waking up, doing the same old things.

Living the same day over and over and over again.

But your dreams are not gone yet.

Honey, when will you stop putting up with this?

Talk is cheap, my love.

I know you think that at some point, you will suddenly be propelled into the life you dreamt of when you were younger.

You think that if you just talk to yourself and to some willing friends, about all the things you will, ‘one day’ do then somehow, it will JUST happen.

but it will not just happen, until you DECIDE it HAS TO HAPPEN.

And even if you have started to dabble at your vision here and there, how much energy are you really giving it?

How long before you quit again because life is just too busy and you are not even sure that your vision is not some childish fantasy.

You have free will, my love.

The Divine is waiting on you to make the choice.

To pivot.

To DECIDE that enough is enough and that you are taking your power back.

AWAKEN, my love.


You are born for so much more than this.


I am not telling you anything you do not already know.

I call you to the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE Path.


Immerse yourself.

Start letting go of those boring beliefs.

Return to your true design.


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Much Amazing Love

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