Take a moment

Breathe deeply a few times

And ask yourself

“Who am I trying to appease? Whose voice is in my head? Whose rules do I feel I must align with?”

Your first reaction may be to pretend there is nothing there

To pretend that you are your own person

And maybe, you are that self-aware person who has done this inner work of handling the other voices

But maybe, just maybe, you have not done this work yet

Maybe, you still think there are rules you have to follow

And maybe you are in conflict within

A part of you wants to do your own thing

And a part of you wants to be loved by this person, valued by this person, approved of by this person

And so you are stuck in place unable to move anywhere because you worry that you will take the wrong step

And be unloved, alone, sent to hell even!

Maybe you give your Higher power the dubious honour of being the one that blocks you

Lots of people believe this…

Lots of good-hearted people really think they are being ‘good’ when they believe this…

But it is all a story, honey

It is not your higher power that you are waiting on

It is your IDEA of your Higher power that holds you back

You were conditioned to believe that the Divine held things back from you

And so now, you are uncertain as to whether you are allowed or not…

And so you feel stuck

Or maybe, it is just a parent in your head…

Telling you what you are worthy of, telling you that you are lazy and telling you what you are not good enough for

Maybe it is a loving parent trying to keep you from disappointment by limiting your options

Maybe it is a sibling, a friend, a boss

Maybe it is your child demanding that you be a certain kind of parent to prove your love for them…

All leaving their mark on you

All telling you what you can or cannot do

All telling you what will make them happy

And you want to be loyal to all of them

And so you hold back on your own visions and dreams

Honey, wake up!

You already feel resentful

Though you tell yourself not to be like that

But you are not listening to your deepest soul

You are not listening to your heart

Even as I type that, I remember a time that I was told that my heart and soul were not to be trusted

That I should defer to the opinions of my pastors or elders, not simply follow my heart

For years, I distrusted myself

For years, I ignored my own deepest desires and needs

Trying hard to be ‘good’ by the standards of those around me

It never worked

I always managed to do something wrong

My inner rebel would not stay silent

but I always felt so wrong

Like I was bad and unworthy

I finally looked deep within me

I finally started to listen to the Divine guidance within me

I finally realised that all those voices were just giving me their own opinions

It was not truth

They were doing the best they knew how and frankly, most of them did not even trust themselves…

So why listen to them anymore

I chose freedom

And I exhort you to choose freedom too

There are things you desire to do that will impact the world in a powerful way

Allow yourself to come through

Allow your true light to shine through

Take off the layers

Trust yourself again

Stop trying to appease the voices

Rediscover you

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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