I was speaking to my coach this morning and one of the things that came up was the fact that I sometimes still react to things people said about me, aeons and aeons ago.

People said I was too much…

People said I came across too strong…

People I respected, told me to chill out and stop being the person that I was…

People told me to tone everything down if I really wanted to be accepted…

And for a time there, I listened and even now, I sometimes catch myself being so very conscious about what I do and say in public because I am scared people will not like it and I need to come across a certain way.

But then I find myself thinking, which people and come across how, exactly?

Do I really want to cater to people who don’t like me?  Really?

Do I really want to attract clients that I don’t like?

Am I going to continue to let people who are just not my people, tell me how to live my life?

Do I want to come across as weak?

Samey same?


Wishy washy?

Really?  Is that the goal?!!

To be a ‘norm’?


And you?

Is that what you want?  To try to only show your best bits?  To be inauthentic so that you can be accepted? To be much, much less than the person you really are so that you can attract everyone and then hate them for being absolutely NOT the people you want to work with?

Is that really what you want?

I certainly hope not because unless you pay attention to the lies you are feeding yourself about who you have to be in order to be successful, you might find that you keep waving success goodbye as you walk around being all samey-same.

First and foremost, love yourself!

Love yourself so much that you absolutely believe without a shadow of a doubt that who you are is enough!

And to start with, you will not completely feel it, okay?

Make a decision and a commitment that you will stop with the self-doubt and then make a move, make lots of moves, in fact!

And then tomorrow, make the decision again and keep moving forward.

Set your intention to just show up as you each and every day and know that the people you are called to serve are just waiting for exactly ‘you’ to show up.

You are not a ‘norm’, so stop acting like one.

Show up bold, brave, confidently you!

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Much amazing Love!

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