We get hung up on who we are

Even when it no longer feels all that great, we keep telling ourselves that that is who we are.

And so it keeps being who we are, even though it is not.

We are whoever we choose to be.

Is this what you choose?

Yes, I understand that the world knows you as this person and that may make you believe that you have to keep being this person but what if it is not true?

What if you could be whoever you want to be?

What if the only limitation on who you can be at any given moment, is your imagination?

What then?

Your personality is not fixed

The chances are that if you have the idea within you to be more than you are being, it is because the personality you have taken on board is not really you.

It is a conditioned version of you

And you can change that.

I understand that you are used to being you, in the way that you are…

And yes, it will take some undoing to become your truer self again

The transition is worth it.

The transition to the truest version of you, is worth it

It is the path to freedom

It is the path to everything you desire

It is the path to deep happiness and joy

Why would you not choose it?

In the transition phase, it will be uncomfortable as you sift through the people in your life and the things you ‘normally’ do…

As you decide what stays and what goes.

This is the point when people try to settle for less telling themselves that they are being nice and spiritual

But really, they are being too wimpy to ask and receive what they actually want.  DO NOT be those people.

IN that interim phase, life will get fiery.

It will burn, you will be tempted to stop

And many in your life will wonder why you are doing this

But you must keep your eyes on the prize!

the joy of being utterly and properly YOU!

IT IS WORTH IT, my love


Much Amazing Love

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