I AM Willpower! – Who Do You Have To Be?

Tell me, Who do you have to BE to actually make your goals a reality?

This appeared on the Facebook newsfeed this morning and it is absolutely powerful!

So many things to mention in here – The transformation itself is incredible, no doubt.

The absolute lack of self-consciousness as he went for his goal – Powerful!

The recording of it as though he always knew he was going to share it with the world which tells me that from the start, He KNEW, absolutely KNEW, that he would make it happen.

And then that statement – I don’t just have willpower, I AM willpower!

He owned it as who he was.

What do you need to own completely?  What characteristic, what quality do you need to be?

Who do you have to be?

We all have hopes and dreams for what we want life to look like…

The warriors are the ones who do whatever it takes to actually make it happen.  They own the result, they own the process.  They KNOW, absolutely KNOW that they will get there because in their head, they are already there.

They create a picture of who they truly ARE and then they make it manifest in the physical.

It all starts in your head.

This dude always knew exactly what he needed to do to lose the weight but until he owned the person he knew he was, it was all just talk and dabbling.

I was at that stage for a very long time – holding on to my stories of hardship and holding on to my comfort zone.

One day, I decided ‘Enough was Enough!’ and it was at that moment, that I became successful.

How long it took to manifest was irrelevant, I just KNEW that I WAS SUCCESSFUL!

I owned it and then I was able to stay on the path despite the difficulties.

What of you? What do you need to own? Who do you have to BE?

Are you clear what the end result is?

Have you written it down?  Are you owning it as a reality even now, when it seems like you are nowhere near it in the flesh?

It all starts with a thought… It becomes an action as you completely believe that thought.

Notice how it works with the life you have already created. You have believed that this is all you can get, all you can be and you have made it your reality.

If you want to step up to the next level, then you need to believe it is possible for YOU!

You need to become it even when you are not there physically yet.

Write it down now…  (A few examples)

I AM abundant

I AM wealthy

I AM perfect health

I AM the owner of a business that serves 10000 people each month and creates £1 million in revenue

I AM patience

I AM love

I AM ………… (fill in the blanks)

Claim who you are today and start moving forward towards that picture you have created in your head.

Go on NOW!

Fight For The Life & Business You Want!  Grab a hold of it! Be the rainmaker!

Again, tell me, Who do you have to be?

If you require further clarity, or if you want to be held accountable to who you say you are, then we must have a conversation – Just you & me.

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