When last did you go within you, to listen to what you really truly want?

How much of your life is lived by rules that some person taught you and you never questioned?

How much of your life is lived in reaction to how others act towards you?

It is a horrid way to live, but it is where most people live.

Forever looking outside of you, for guidance on who to be, how to be that person and also to check that you are doing it right.

Forever dampening out your own thoughts.

Forever suppressing your own feelings.

Forever checking to see how you are coming across to others.

Forever making sure that you are getting life right.

Forever trying to be the nicest person on the block.

Forever scared that you do not quite measure up.

Even the so-called rebels are playing the same game, except they are trying very hard to be opposite to what is expected.

Whether you submit or rebel, you are admitting to a standard that is external to you, set up by ‘who knows who’ and questioned by no one.

Most people will not admit to this because OF COURSE, they do not care what anyone thinks of them!


And so, most people will go to the grave, having never really lived.

They go through life, feeling anxious, unsettled and a low-level sadness.

They do not question it.

They assume this is just the normal adult human condition and it is just the way it is.

They suppress as much of their feelings as possible so that they can continue to appear to be a responsible, upstanding member of society.

Every so often, they burst out in unrestrained anger but then they stuff it right back down again.

They teach their children to do the same and so another generation of powerful humans feel powerless against ‘society’ and its rules.

This is not life.

This is not freedom.

It does take a great deal of courage and self-confidence to break out of this.

And usually, it is only the ones who feel, deep inside, that they are meant for more than this sheep-like living that dare to question anything and break through.

So, who are you?

Are you content to just go along to get along?

Or do you want more than that?

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Much Amazing Love


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