You have been mistreated and it hurt.

But you buried it because you do not want to show the hurt.

The problem is, that you are still trying to prove that you have it all under control when you really don’t!

You want recognition from the wrong people and it is making you do all kinds of silly things that take you away from the real work you are here to do.

All your energy is spent trying to prove that you are worthy when honey, there is no question about it except in your own mind!

Some person, somewhere said something…

They may have been a family member, a friend, a parent, a child…

And it cut deep.

And now, most of your energy is spent avoiding looking at that wound and getting it healed…

You avoid it by going all gung-ho after some fantasy idea that if you get the acknowledgement of certain mainstream ‘gurus’ then you will prove to this person that they were mistaken about you.

You think you need to conquer the world in order to prove yourself to ONE person or ONE group of people.

The sad thing is that these people are not even watching you – They are far too concerned with their own life to care about yours!  They forgot that they had said anything hurtful the moment they said it and may not even have known that they hurt you.  And even if they did, they don’t care so why the heck are you making your whole life about them?

Honey, let it go!

You are spending all your energy focused on the wrong thing…

And it will not satisfy you!

The wound will not be healed that way!

Your success, if you get it, will not bring you peace…

And you will not do the real work you are here to do because your focus is askew.

So tell me, my love, would you rather be right or be free?

The truth is, you could have both but not when your whole focus is based on proving yourself right!

Get free!

Free from the need to care about anyone else’s opinion…

Free from the need to prove yourself to any self-appointed ‘guru’…

Free to be the leader you are born to be…

Free to serve the people you are here to serve…

Free to create wealth your way…

And then you will be right, anyway!

And it just won’t matter because life will be happier than it is currently…

Life will feel more focused than it does right now…

Life will feel abundant.

And you will feel loved on the inside because finally you will see that no outside accolade can ever replace that unconditional sense of acceptance that bubbles up within when you pay attention.

The Divine whispers to you…

Will you listen?

Come immerse yourself in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

30 days.


Come and begin handling your internal blocks to creating the income and the impact, the abundant life you want to have.

Come release old wounds so that they can heal and you can be present in your current life rather than still living in the past.

Come and learn to own your greatness and go full pelt after the contribution you are here to make to the world.

Pop over to to begin your immersion.

Much Amazing Love

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