In the early hours of this morning, here in the UK, I noticed while browsing Reddit that Whitney Houston was dead! Dead!  I could not believe it!  I still do not the circumstances of her death but I am reeling from the tragedy of it.

She inspired me no end! Her voice was so amazing, She had a gift like no other singer on the planet – althoough one could say that of any singer 🙂

She was certainly talented and for good reason, She had taken the time to craft her gift.  She had been singing since a very young age and had practiced long and haard at this gift that seemed to come naturally.  I admire that.  I admire the fact that when her friends were probably playing around, she had been honing her skill and finally she had been unleashed on the world and we had fallen for her.  It all started with hidden hard work though and that is what a mum in business is all about.  Even when no one is watching, we hone our skill in whatever we have chosen – motherhood, writing, work, whatever it is – and then one day maybe, we will have our moment in the sun.  Whatever happens though we will learn to do the thing our heart is set upon and to do it well.

However, things started to go wrong.  She seemed to marry the wrong man although who are we to judge really? No one ever knows except the couple themselves exactly what the matter was.  We look from the outside and pass judgement but do we really know the truth?  What we do know is that she succumbed to the pressure of stardom and got intoxicated by various substances that she really should not have been anywhere near. Why does this happen so often?

We all know that the pressure of regular daily life is pretty horrid if we are not careful to control our influences but when this is coupled with the eyes of the public on your every move then how much more pressure can one feel?

My heart goes out to her child who is left without a mother and I hope she finds relief and comfort in the arms of her family.

I invite you to take a look at an article I wrote on the influence Whitney Houston had on me over on Wizzley – A tribute to Whitney Houston.  It goes through all the songs of hers that really spoke to my heart over the years.

R.I.P Whitney Houston. I miss you.

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