Whine and complain or get rich

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Whine and complain

At the moment, I am not getting that much sleep and when tired, I am tempted to whine about it.  Of course, it is completely my fault as I keep getting overly excited and going to bed in the wee hours and waking up about 4 or less hours later in the wee hours of the morning again.

I just love life at the moment!  I love the developments in my business and I cannot seem to help myself – I want to be at it all the time!  It really is pretty cool to have a business where you do what you enjoy doing.

And yet, I wonder how long I can maintain this.  In some ways, I don’t care because when I am tired… I will go to sleep.

It is not like the days of having really young princesses where there was no time to get a rest.  Thankfully, they sleep through the night now and I get to have a break in the day if I so choose.

However going back to those days of compulsory no-sleep, (If you are a Gina Ford proponent then you may not understand), I am not a ‘leave them to cry’ type person so I chose to be awake with them as frequently as they were awake.  And in the start, it was pretty darned tough!

I felt like I could not catch a break.  Just as I got my darling first born to sleep and I tried to get comfortable and sleep myself, she woke up, it seemed.  Those first few weeks were tough.  I could not put her down as she would yell and yell and then combine that with the difficulties I had with breastfeeding and listening to all my friends talk about how THEIR babies were in a routine….

Frankly, it was purely love that kept me going.

Then one night, it all changed…

As I was getting pretty frustrated with keeping some stupid sleep diary that some well-meaning author had suggested I do, in order to help understand the patterns of my little one.  I realized I was getting all stressed out for NOTHING!

I could just choose to go with the flow instead of fighting against it.  I could just choose to be OKAY with not sleeping for the next ten years or so and I could just choose not to get het-up or frustrated about it and so I stopped.

I made a choice just to chill and go with the flow.

And suddenly, it did not matter anymore.  I started to enjoy my little one instead of resent the fact that she kept me up all hours, I started to get on with the day without thinking I was going to die, I was a perfectly functioning human being and all because I made a decision to be one.

Nothing about my circumstances changed – I just changed my attitude.

And when it comes to business, freedom, living life your way, your attitude is certainly EVERYTHING.  If you think it is going to be hard and terrible and you cannot cope with anything then guess what, you get exactly that.

You convince yourself that it is somehow harder for you than everyone else and then you stress yourself back into a job that you do not like.  And it is completely up to you.

You get to choose what your life and business feels like.

There is always a period of time when your baby (business) is growing and it feels tough, it feels like you are having to learn all this new stuff and you feel overwhelmed with everything and you may start to think you cannot cope…

Or you can see that it is what it is for now and you get to choose how you react to it.

You can make an internal decision right now to keep taking each step as it shows up without getting frustrated and fed up of the process.  You can start to enjoy the journey to your best life and business.

If you are still at work and gradually building up your own thing, you can refuse to see it all as some kind of torture chamber as you have to invest such a lot of your time in your work and your business at the moment, you can see it all as an adventure that is leading you somewhere amazing.

Because it is!

Today is going to be an awesome story when you tell it to your people tomorrow, IF you stay the course and do the work and feel great about it.

Or it will be a story of regret and sad resignation that it did not work for you.

Your choice!

Listen, whip out your journal and start writing down what you are creating with all your efforts today.  Really go to town and tap into the life of freedom, happiness and wealth that you are beginning the journey towards – Write out the life you want, the ideal one, not the ‘settled for’ one.  Picture it and feel how you will feel when you get there.

Then, make a conscious decision to start now to enjoy every single part of the journey no matter how hard it might seem at times.

Yes You Can.

It is time to fight for & create the business you want.

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Much Amazing Love

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