I keep telling you

And you keep not believing me

But honey, you are the only reason you are not winning yet

OK, let me be clear, you are winning at some stuff but it is not the stuff you actually want to win at, is it?

You are winning at the wrong job

The wrong business

the so-so relationships

The so-so body

The limited income in bank

You are winning at that stuff and can I tell you why?

Because you chose to!


You don’t believe me

You think that forces outside of your control have forced you to stay stuck winning at what you do not want to win at

But tell me, how much time did you spend yesterday or the day before, or the day before that or even the month before that doing the things that you really want to do?

And compare that with the amount of time you have spent maintaining all the things that you do not even really want anymore…

Be honest…

How does it compare?

Now, tell me, if I was an alien come down to earth with no prior conditioning telling me what humans should do to live a ‘good’ life and I made friends with you and you told me what you wanted from life and then I watched you do life, would I believe you?

If I had no prior knowledge that humans are SUPPOSED to do certain things to be so-called-successful, would I quietly wonder why the heck you were spending so much time doing EVERYTHING you said you did not want to do?

And then, if I asked about it, you would be quick to tell me that you HAVE TO do this and you HAVE TO do that because it is the RESPONSIBLE thing to do, right?!

And even then I would wonder why you did not seem to be making enough of an effort to do more of what you did love to do because at least then, you could transition out of it, right?

But then you would tell me some story of fear and how you tried this last time and nothing came of it and how you just don’t have time or money and you are doing all you can and blah, blah, blah…

I would look on in sadness and bewilderment but hey ho, I guess you have free will so who am I to force you to do more of what you actually want to do?

Honey, isn’t it time to wake up?

You have overcome so much

You want so much

Will you allow yourself to claim it?

Where there is a will, there is a way



There is one, if you will say YES!

I can help

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Much Amazing Love

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