Your focus determines your journey, you know?

Where do you keep that attention?

Your focus determines your actions and again, I ask you, where is your attention?

Is it on all the things that you have not done yet?  Is is on the success you have not seen yet?

Is it on the success that others are experiencing and you keep wondering when it will be your turn?

Is it on hating the job that you are still doing?  Or maybe it is hating the clients that you feel you must work with, in order to get wealthy?  Where is your attention?

Because, it is determining everything about the life you are creating.

And you may not even be aware that you are doing this to yourself.

YOu keep bringing back into your head all the failures, all the times you have not done what you thought you should have done by now and you forget all the things you are now doing?

Take a moment to be grateful for who you are today as a result of all you have been through.

OK, enough.

You cannot keep patting yourself on the back about what you are now doing, you also have to keep firmly in mind the things you are creating.  You have to keep firmly in mind the  people you intend to support, you have to keep firmly in mind the money you intend to make and you have to allow all of that to inform your next step.

And no, this is not a call to feel bad about all the thigns you haven’t done.

It is a call to not rest on your laurels.

It is a call to stop sitting on the fence.

It is a call to choose to keep stepping into all that you are.

It is a call to be powerful even though it feels like you are not where you want to be yet.

This is the thing, you will never get there unless you get past the shame and the blame.

Again, I ask you, where is your attention?

What are you focusing on?

You create more of whatever you focus on.

Do you understand that completely yet?  I don’t think you do because if you did, yuo would not allow your brain to dwell so easily on things you do not want to have in your life.  You would write out those goals each and every day, you would keep them in your pocket, you would remind yourself of what you are creating every moment of every day.

You would not leave space for doubt and fear to creep in.

You would just keep takign the action to get there.

Stop worrying so much about how long it is all goign to take – So what if it takes your whole life to create the dream in your heart?  What are your alternatives?

To settle and live a half-baked life?


Would you really go back to that?

I know, at times, it feels like you are trapped between a rock and a hard place because when you look forward, you are not sure how long you can stay strong and keep doing the work to get there, and yet, when you look back, you don’t want to go there either?

So, you feel trapped!  You almost wish you did not have any dreams, you almost wish you could just settle into a boring old life like everyone else around you and you try, oh yes, you try but all you get out of that is a growing sense of discomfort, a growing sense that you are not happy.

And so, you either start eating more and more to drown out the emptiness…

Or you drink more and more…

Or you go to some other extreme, all to make the sadness inside, silent.

But it does not work for long.

At some point, you pay it attention.

And then what do you do?

What then?

Are you going to keep hiding away from your best life?

Tell me, are you?

Or are you going to stay on path and focus on what you are called to create.

Even as I write this, I feel as though I am going on random tangents as I express the message inside of me today.

But, I must write it and so I do.

I feel as though I speak even to myself as I write this to you.  I write to remind myself that I must keep going because I don’t really see any other choice.  It is this or go back to mundanity and I do not want that.  Yes, I have created some success but I am not quite at the vision I see for my life yet, so I cannot rest.

I cannot stop.

I am tempted, oh yes, I am tempted but when I stop to think of the temptation, it just seems crazy and it is not a temptation any longer.

That life of boredom, talk but no action, insignificance.

I cannot go back there.

Can you?

Can you go back to just being a minion?  Well, if you can, you are so not my people, why are you reading this?

But if like me, you know that you are called to be leader, you know that millionaire status is in your life journey, if you know that you are called to impact people and change lives with your business then honey, there is no turning back.

There is no paying attention to the past anymore.

There is just creating life in the present.

There is writing out goals, dreams, plans each day and taking the steps daily, even the tiniest, littlest step each day to move forward.

Over and over again, until we get to where we are going or we die.

There just is no middle ground.

Most people do not understand this burning passion deep inside, they are just in this for a little extra money, to feel as though they are doing something for a little while before they quit and go back to work or go back to being just a _______ (fill in the blanks)

But you and I, are in this to win.

You and I are in this to fulfil our life purpose.

You and I are in this to change the world and we will not settle for any less than that.

We will push through resistance.

We will push through the pain.

We will keep our focus on what we are creating.

We pity those without this passion, we just do not understand how they can live the way they live.

Of course, they pity us as well, they do not understand the passion within us, they do not understand what keeps us on path, they are already mostly dead inside so they just do not get it.

They tell us to relax, to take a break, to stop.

And we try it for a second and we are bored to death.

We must be about the ‘Father’s Business’ – It is the mandate on us to fulfil.

We might even think at times that we are deluded and we don’t even always understand why we feel this internal pressure to be, do, have more and for the longest time, we tried to talk ourselves out of it, we tried to conform, we agreed with those who told us to chill.

But no longer.

Our attention is focused and set on the mission – We will make a difference and we will make a fortune.

We will not stop.


And if this is you, then your attention must be on the process, the journey and the end goal.

That end goal gets refined and changed so write it out regularly.

Do not feel it must stay stuck, you are an ever-evolving human being so of course, your direction gets tweaked and changed depending on where you are in your evolution.

So again, get into the habit of taking a few minutes each day to write down your goals, to write down the picture you have for your life and then let that picture inform your next step.

You are a deliberate millionaire!

So get on with deliberately creating the life you want.

Focus all your attention on what you are creating and get to work.

IN your relationships, your health, your business.

Get to work.

And never stop doing the work.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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