I am the creator of my reality

You are the creator of your reality

We cannot help but create

It is our nature

Our true design

There is no way not to do it

However, we generally tend to design our lives very passively

And because there is sometimes/MOSTLY a time lag between the manifestation and the creation of the desire, we forget we even did it!

We think life is just happening to us

And that we have to react to it

But then we keep creating more of what we don’t want because more frequently than not, the focus is on something we do not like in life.

It is time to get deliberate

And let’s be honest, there is a part of you that thinks it will be too hard to design your life the way you want it

The thought of having to control your mind

And never speak of the negative stuff

And also, be the odd Pollyanna in the crowd that only talks about what you are grateful for, makes you feel like it could be impossible

And then you may have tried for a bit, only to see your life fall apart in ways you could not even begin to imagine…

And that scared you

So you went passive again

Forgetting that you did not even want that stuff in your life

You hated the job

You did not love working with the clients

You found that person difficult (or those people)

You did not even like the apartment

Your body was getting rid of the poisons that were lodged within you

It was all for your good

The Divine was simply cleaning house so that the new could come but you lost the faith and started to think you would end up with nothing

And so you began to panic!

And you started focusing on all the wrong stuff which changed the direction of your creation

Whatever you give energy to, will out-picture into your physical reality, my love!


So, where is your focus at?

Right now, I invite you to join me REIGNITE THE FIRE WITHIN

It is a call to remember who you truly are

It is a call to build a firmer foundation in your life so that you are more easily able to step into more prosperity

These are 12 Downloaded lessons, direct from the Divine

They go deep

They cut through the nonsense keeping you feeling dull and stagnant

They give you a new perspective

They invite you into the deep to relight the fire within you

Will you come?

Find out more at RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/reignite

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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