It was 2010.

I was a broken pharmacist, finally beginning to realise that I needed to get more deliberate about the design of my life…

Life seemed to be happening to me

I was certainly not happening to it.

I started working with a mentor to build a business…

I could not afford it

But I knew I needed it

I was done with pretending that I knew what I was doing…

Within 12 months, I had won a Porsche Boxster for being business woman of the year…

It was 2012

I started working with a different awesome coach, who looked at both inner work and outer strategy…

I joined his powerful mastermind, committed to adding the inner work to my strategy…

Within 90 days, my business doubled…

I left pharmacy altogether

I stepped on to my purpose path

It was 2014

I was in a church service being told about tithing and giving and I distinctly heard Papa say that I needed to work with a coach who wanted 35k to work with her.


I was petrified


And I also knew that a way would be found to materialise the money

And so I followed my intuition and a way was found…

No, it did not always feel magical and super easy – Although the truth is, the emotions were the only hard thing

Getting money is not all that complicated.  It is just scary and that fear can keep you from your destiny…

The lessons I learned from working with that coach, are priceless…

I BECAME a different soul

I continue to make big investments in my elevation

And I say all this to ask you how long you will stay on the fence

How long will you remain stuck because you allow money, time, friends, family, WHATEVER to determine your next move, instead of following through on the intuitive nudge inside of you?

It is not enough to ‘hell yes’ and ‘amen’ everything

I used to do that

I would agree with what coaches, mentors said but then never fully commit to doing the work, to going all in on the internal and external work

I thought I knew it all

I thought I could figure it out alone

And I thought I could not find a way to work with them

And maybe they were just scamming me

It was all a lie

A lie that wasted so much of my time

Even as I write about the time wasted, I still feel tears of regret well up in my eyes

But hey, all part of the journey, right?

All part of the learning?

But still such a waste of time.

Thankfully, everything gets redeemed when you finally get on path

And this is my invitation to you

To become the person who stops sitting on the sidelines, allowing fear to determine your every move…

To become the person who DECIDES to go all in on your own life for the next 20 weeks…

You have been reading, listening, hell-yes-ing and amen-ing on the sidelines long enough

Change comes when you engage


The 20 weeks will pass, anyway, regardless of how you use the time…

Irreplaceable time will pass

Will you keep doing the same old nonsense that keeps you stuck?

Or will you commit to the design of a free, fulfilled, abundant life?

Will you commit to creating prosperity in your relationships, health, wealth, work?

Just 20 weeks with me in the Incubator and I am absolutely certain that your life will elevate

Your relationships will improve

Your money will improve

Your health will improve

And you will feel more on purpose with the work you are doing

Not because I am some kind of miracle worker (though I am ? )

But because you, when awakened on the Deliberate Path, are magical and you are the miracle.


This is about you MAKING THE DECISION to play full out…

To COMMIT to stepping into your power!

Are you willing to do that?

Are you willing to come join this vibrant community of Deliberate people and add your energy to the mix?

Are you willing to immerse yourself in a new way of being thinking acting if it means that you create financial independence and prosperity in all other areas of life?

This is your one life, as far as you know…

Will you DELIBERATELY make the most of it?

Work with me for 20 weeks starting with OPULENCE: The Brand New 28 Day Online Bootcamp: Deliberately Design Money Miracles Into Your Regular Everyday Life So You Can Get On With Living To Your True Design!

It is only available in the Deliberate Success Incubator –

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister



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