Where can I get more prospects for my MLM business? – This is one of the biggest questions that people ask about building their business and I want to give you a few ideas. It is kinda crazy that people struggle with this part of the equation because when you think about it, people are everywhere so then the next question to ask you is why you are not just starting a conversation with people.

Two possible reasons.

  1. You are scared

    And then I would have to ask you how much you want to make this work. Because if you have a big reason why then you will overcome this hurdle but if you don’t, no matter what I say in this, you will keep, keep claiming not to know how to meet people.

    So, tell me, is your reason to do the work bigger than your fear?

    If not, go get a job that is comfortable.

    If yes, keep reading.

  2. You really don’t know how to start a conversation

    Well, I have a great post for you over here – Go take a look at it. Yes, you do need to learn the skill of starting a conversation but again, you must get past the first point mentioned or else, you will read the post and still not get started. https://rosemarynonnyknight.com/start-up-conversation/

OK, so let’s look at places you can get people to join your business…

  1. Social media

    This is the place I like the best. I personally want to build a business that allows me freedom. I do not want to be trapped having to go to events and things. I want to be free to run my business from weherever I am and maybe this is you too, then use the internet, use social media. There are people all over the place on social media – What if you just connected with 5 people each day on Facebook? Really connected – so you went into a group and you actually talked to people in the group and five of them came to ask to be your friend. And then you are deliberately putting interesting content on your profile page and inviting them to your business page. What if you did that consistently?

    If you stay committed to this and of course, you invited people to work with you in building their own business, do you think that in time, you could get people into your business? Yes, you could. Let me be confident for you.


  1. Go to networking events

    Decide what type of people you want to meet up with. Yes you could go to business networking events but do not limit yourself to that. Instead, think about that first statement – Who do you think you have most in common with and wherr do they hang out? Go to their meetups and make some more friends. Go with the intention to connect with at least 5 people each day that you go there. Add them to your Facebook page and again do what mentioned above. But focus on building the relationship. Find out more about people, ask them all about themselves and when there is an opening, particularly if they are talking about their problems, then ask if they are willing to do something about it.

    Some people just like to complain and they will give you some reason why they cannot do anything so keep listening if you want. Know that they are not ready. Otherwise they will actually be open to what you are saying and you have an opening there to point them in the direction of your video and then follow up with them afterwards.

  2. Connect with connectors

    Who do you know that knows a lot of people? Target them to be on your team. A few of these connectors can make the difference between your business growing slowly or growing fast. Who do you know that is a policeman, a politician, a mother that has a lot of links with lots of other people, salespeople, volunteers in the local charity shop who are happy to do something else on the side to generate some income, personal trainers, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers.

    Even if they are unwilling to join your business, will they connect you with people if you ask? Will they do an event for you, if you ask?


This is an ongoing conversation as I am always thinking of places to meet people. Check back on the site for more ideas for you but go get these ones started.

Remember, the Deliberate Millionaire is Here – If you are frustrated trying to build your business and you are ready to step up, get focused and be held accountable, then take a look at this and join in.

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