Where are you giving up your power?

Think about it!  Really think about it.  Do not just cast it off as one of those questions that weird people ask.  Take the time to answer it

‘Where are YOU giving up YOUR power?

Lets begin by talking about what I mean when I say ‘power’.

Giving Up Your powerYesterday, towards the end of the ‘Sowing your Seeds’ webinar, I talked about ‘power’ being one of the elements of success – True Success. What does it mean, though?  When I mention the word ‘Power’, it could mean being a dictator with control over the fate of other people and using it in a horrid way.  That can be a form of power but in this case, I am referring to your own personal power.

Power (according to the dictionary) is the ability or capacity to perform or act effectively.  It can be used negatively or positively.  In the case of your personal power, you can use it to exert a positive or negative influence on others and on yourself.

In this post, I am particularly referring to the effect or influence we have over ourselves which will ultimately affect those around us.

Depending on where you are currently in the world, you may feel you have no power at all.  Being female in some countries is really NOT a great idea.  I grew up in an environment where women were second class citizens, I attended a church where women were considered lesser people.  I now choose to stand up for women’s right to choose their own path, whatever that is, as long as they feel fulfilled in it.

Power, personal power, is something that we each have.  People or things may control our external environment but we still have the power to choose how we respond, to choose out internal environment.  And that makes a huge difference.

Ways in which you may be giving up your powerNo more Giving up your power

  1. Your job/career

    OK, stop for a second and think about what you are doing.  Why are you doing it?

    Is it by choice or is it just something you feel you MUST do to bring in the bacon?  Or was it something that was chosen for you by your parents? Did you just fall into it and now cannot see a way out.

  2. Your parenting Style

    Is the way you bring up your kids affected by your relationship with your parents? The methodology of your peers?  Are you doing it the way you do because you have thought it through and made a choice or just because that is the way you were brought up or that is the way everyone else does it?

    Are you able to listen to your kids, really listen to your kids rather than just replay a tape that was set up in your brain a long time before they were even born?  Is your lack of forgiveness of your parents causing you to bring up your kids in as opposite a fashion from your upbringing as you can?

  3. Who are your friends?

    So, are you friends with people because you felt this was the best you could do…

    Or did you choose them knowing that you really like them?  Would you like to upgrade your friends but internal fears of not being good enough stand in your way, so you stick to the same circles and make the same friend choices.

    You have been sooo careful with your children’s schooling as you know the people they hang out with can make or break them but are you as careful with your friends?

  4. What is on your calender?

    Did you put it there or is your inability to say ‘NO’ making you give up your power and your time?

  5. How healthy are you?

    You know that each year you suffer with Hayfever, colds and flu, and more, yet each year you choose not to prepare yourself for it.  Taking some Echinacea to prevent a cold, Bee Pollen to combat allergies, Build up your immune system with some multivitamins.  These are choices you can make so that you do not spend the whole season/year complaining of tiredness, irritability and illness.

    Of course, good old exercise is another way to stop giving up your power.


I have gone through a few ways in which you may be giving up your power.  Can you think of any more?  Really think about it.  Where do you feel helpless?  Where do you get frustrated? What issue do you always seem to be complaining about?

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