WHen Family Relationships Hurt


7 Part Audio Program To Enable You To Rise Above The Nonsense & Reclaim Your Freedom, Happiness, Peace & Prosperity Even When Family Feels Toxic & YUK!


Family can be beautiful.  

Each person helping the other person.  

Each member loved, supported and cared for.  

A safe haven for when the world gets terrible.  

Somewhere to retreat to, where you know you will always be accepted. . All lovely sounding, right?  

It is the kind of thing you dream about...  

Except this has never been your experience.  

Your family is, and if you are honest, has always been full of strife.  

Inner turmoil.  



And yes, there may have been some good times but mostly… no.  

For too long, you have been contending with certain negative feelings about your family.  

But it feels wrong to humour these feelings.  

You just tell yourself that family is family and you simply need to put up with it.  

How is that working out for you?  

I do understand though  

This is all you have ever known.  

And surely, everyone has dysfunction in their family?  

So this is your cross to bear and you are willing to bear it because you love them, despite their craziness.  



How much of your life has been affected by all this tension? Do you ever know?  

How much energy have you given to sorting family out when you could have been living life? Have you stopped to think?  

What if the reason your life is not quite working the way you want it too, really is because of all the energy and time you gave, and still give, to family drama?  

What then?  

Is it worth exploring some new ideas?  

I remember the first time I finally truly admitted there was just something wrong with the way I felt about my family…  

I was at a conference and had just heard the news that a certain family member was visiting and was now waiting for me at home.  

And I realised that I did not want to go home.  

This person had not done anything recently so it was not about that.  

There was just something in my soul that was tired, fed up, scared even of having to handle another encounter.  

It may have been an awesome encounter but I just did not want any of it, anymore but of course, you know how it is, you ignore those feelings and just get on with it because you have to, don’t you?  

Maybe, maybe not.  

I remember speaking to one of the coaches at the conference (which incidentally had been about unconditional love and living your purpose and all that great stuff) and just mentioning how I felt.  

And the advice he gave seemed so simple but also, it seemed impossible for my situation and thought I did not have the courage to act on it, at that point, it opened a door to freedom.  

I began to realise that there were more ways to handle family than i had thought.  

I began to listen more to myself.  

I gradually inched my way to true, freedom, peace, happiness and prosperity.  

And that is what this program is about.  

Giving you new ideas  

New thoughts.  

New ways of dealing with family situations.  

Ways you may have considered but never given yourself permission to really truly implement.  

Ways you may not have even thought to be an option.  

Your family will not be fixed in 7 parts of an online course but you, my darling, can learn a few keys ways to rise above the nonsense and start to open up to a more prosperous existence.  

The chances are that you have NO IDEA about how much these family dramas have kept you from prosperity and true wealth (or maybe you do and it hurts like hell but you still see no way out)  

Surely, it is time for that to stop!  

Even if it is for their sake, will you heal? Because if they can see that there is another way to live because you choose to be the pioneer that shows them a new way, then surely, it will be worth it for yourselves and the next generational line.  

I invite you to join me for...


During this 7 part audio immersion program, you will discover…  

✅ New ways to handle the extended family relationships that cause you pain so that you are able to enjoy life again, and be happy.  

✅ Counterintuitive methods for ensuring you maintain inner peace and clarity when in dealings with the people in your life.  

✅ The foundation from which to build relationships that thrive and empower you, rather than drain you.  

✅ What forgiveness really means and how it can actually give you freedom, rather than just something that causes you even more pain  

✅ The price you have paid to stay stuck in these situations so that you are able to transcend them with your whole heart knowing that it is for your best and for the best of all involved.  

Surely, you feel it is now time to rise above the drama and nonsense and reclaim the prosperous life that is your divine right.  

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