When you work on your own and find it hard to kickstart yourself

Kickstart yourselfSo… you have been in business for a little while now and it feels so hard to motivate yourself. There is just you, possibly sitting in front of your computer and you can see your business dreams starting to die as you keep trying to make things happen.

It just feels so demoralizing…

You are ready to quit now and stop this farce of a business…

And most of all, you are lonely!

And you know there is all this other stuff you could be doing but ultimately, you just can’t make yourself do it anymore.

A job, any job is starting to look pretty cool and you are trying hard not to think about the fact that you have spent so much on this and you will have to now admit to your family that you are quitting and it all just feels depressing.

And this is your x attempt at a business and again, you are in this spot. Why can you not stay motivated for long enough to really get this off the ground?

There is a mini part of you that just thinks you are not cut out for business. Why you ever thought you could be an entrepreneur, you will never know.

And yet, as much as these depressing thoughts feel real to you…

As much as you think you just need to pack it all up and go back to work…

Can I say this is not the only way to do business?

You do not have to be on your own, you know?

There are quite a few options open to you if you will take the time to stop thinking so much and start taking some real action.

Here are a few solutions to your current predicament.

  1. Join a mastermind, work with a coach or mentor.Find people on the same journey as you to mix with. Get very deliberate about it and if you cannot find anyone, then create your own meet-up group to mix with other entrepreneurs like you. Add an element of accountability to it and you will be surprised how motivated you get to save face and not turn up at the next meeting with nothing to show for it.

    Or if you are working with a coach, they will hold you to account as well and that may just give you what you need to get out of your funky mood.

  2. Get back in touch with your big reason whyYou are not the only business owner on the planet to feel a bit fed up and lonely. You are not the only entrepreneur to think that you are not cut out for this life. In fact, I think you will be hard pushed to find anyone who does not feel like this at some point or the other.

    The difference is that they actively keep the outcome in front of them.

    They actively remember their reason why and it pushes them to keep moving forward.

So, it is time to remember why you started this thing in the first place. Take some time to question yourself. I personally enjoy using a journal and I write out what I am working towards, what my ideal day would look like, how the work I am doing impacts other people and so on.

All of this keeps me in touch with my big reason why. When I started my property business, my daughters were my huge reason why and looking at them each day kept me going when it all seemed so hard.

And so I kept pushing on.

Will you?

It is time to fight for, create the life the business you want.

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