It has been gathering, weighing you down, increasing for years now.

It started in the womb and every time, you gave disempowering meaning to an event from infanthood, to childhood, to those crazy teenage years to adulthood, it gathered speed and weight.

Everytime, ‘they’ betrayed you – more weight was added to ‘it’.

Everytime, ‘they’ abandoned you – more weight was added

Everytime, ‘they’ made you cry – more weight was added

Everytime, ‘they’ distrusted you – more weight was added

Everytime, ‘they’ physically assaulted you – more weight was added

Everytime, ‘they’ tried to break your spirit (for your own good, of course) – more weight was added to ‘it’

And so on.

And you have been carrying all this around with you for so long now, you don’t even know how to be free, happy, light anymore.

You are so shielded from love though your lips speak of wanting to be loved.

And finally, you are noticing.

Noticing that you have been sabotaging yourself for years.

You want to expand but you are too scared to leave the comfort zone of your disempowering stories.

It feels painful and lonely and hard but familiar.

And whenever you try to leave familiar pain, you somehow seem to find yourself in another painful situation.

But you are noticing.

Noticing the patterns, seeing the repeating trends in your life, recognising that you are the common factor in all these happenings.

Taking responsibility for healing

But it all seems too much.

‘HOW?’ you wonder ‘How will I ever get out from under the weight fo all this?’

And I say…

One step at a time.

I say…

Though it looks so huge, there are a few key obstacles that when shifted, will cause an avalanche effect in your life as the obstacles fall away like dominos and the good that has been kept at bay is now able to flood right in.

Do not be deterred by the seeming endlessness of the work.

Perfection is not the goal here.

All you need to do is be willing to consistently and persistently do the work – The inner and outer work.

And as you partner with the Divine, things will shift and heal in perfect timing.


All is always well.

You are awakening.

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Much Amazing Love


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