When you have done all you know to do and your heart still feels like it is breaking and nothing seems to be changing in your circumstances, look within, rest in love and keep taking the next step.

Connect to the Divine – Of course, it is preferable that you live from a place of connection all the the time but you are human and sometimes, it takes hitting that breaking point to finally admit that you just cannot do this alone.

So, connect to love within you and remember who you are.

Keep affirming “I am one with love. I am one with peace. I am one with clarity. I always know what to do next. I am supported. I am enough. I am worthy. I am so completely loved. The path is being revealed to me now”

Remember that nothing can defeat you.

Remember that there is ALWAYS A WAY.

Remember that everything is ALWAYS working out for your good.

Yes, you wish it was easier.

However, you are getting stronger.

More resilient.

More relentless.

Less easily swayed by anything happening out there.

You are learning not to be impressed by the outer circumstances.

And to stay focused on what you desire to create.

Oh honey, you are so much more powerful than you realise.

Hold your ground and press on.

The vision is yours to create.

You are capable of it.

Do not make a permanent decision to quit from this temporary pain.


Even now, your breakthrough is coming.

Even now, you are being elevated.

It may seem dark.

The pain may seem unending.

Remember you have overcome many things before and this is no different.

Make a firm decision to stop swaying in your connection to Love/ the Divine / God for it is this connection that will help you to soar above the noise and nonsense of daily life.

This is your most essential need.

‘Seek first the kingdom and all other things will be added to you’

So, relax into your connection with the Divine, be reminded of who you are and be guided to your next best and most joyous step.


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Much Amazing Love

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