Everyone knows you to be the strong one.

Everyone counts on you to have something uplifting and positive to say

Everyone counts on you to be in the right ear of the Divine with something insightful to add to every situation

And yet, deep inside, you know it is all a lie.

You are crumbling.

Your life is a mess but no one knows it.

You have the right words.

You can quote the right scripture.

You have the most blessed smile on your face.

And yet, behind the facade is someone who wants some help but there is no one in your world to ask because they all think you are okay and you do not want them to think less of you.

Their approval and accolades are LITERALLY all you have going for you.

You are SOOOOO Tired of keeping this up but you do not know what else to do because to truly look at your life, REALLY TRULY LOOK is too scary for you to contemplate.

So everyday, you send a prayer to the heavens and with a mighty sigh, you slip the smile back on your face and you keep going.

Even when you do let the guard down a little and give into the tiredness that is forever hanging, like a cloud, over your head, you use sweet sounding, positive words to cloak the fact that you are scared that this is all your life will ever be.


One big lie with a lot of lovely-sounding words to cloak the fact that you are NOWHERE NEAR where you though you would be by now.

When will you stop hiding, my love?

When will you actually take advantage of the support the Divine keeps trying to send you?

You are here, reading this because you have been asking the Divine to help you and He keeps trying to help but again, you keep allowing the crazy fear voice inside your head that tells you to hide, you keep allowing it to win

And so, you stay stuck.

Making excuses about why you cannot do anything different.

Getting older.

More fed up and frustrated.

More tired

And more disappointed in yourself.

Will this be a different day?


Let’s talk, you and I.

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It will probably be simpler than you think.

Simple, not easy.

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Much Amazing Love

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