You are fully subscribed to the crazy idea that it is the one who works the hardest & gives the most that wins.  You see that this is not how it works in the physical reality and yet, you keep thinking that if you will just work harder, be nicer then things will work out for you.  You teach this lie to your children and they too, unless they awaken from this conditioned nonsense, will be cursed to follow in the same pattern of behaviour that keeps you from everything you desire.

It is not ‘HE/SHE WHO WORKS THE HARDEST’ that wins.

It has never been.

It has been made into a noble concept by the movies, your teachers, your parents, EVERYONE around you.

You probably associate it with being a good, nice, solid person.

You probably judge all those layabouts who want to get something for nothing.

And of course, you are ABOVE all of them, in your mind at least.

Except in the dead of night when all is quiet but for the crazy voice in your head which you spend all day trying to drown out with your manic activity, you wonder why it is not working to play by the rules.

Instead of opening your eyes to the truth, you push that voice down like a champ and wake up the next day, ready to keep pushing, doing the same old, same old stuff and somehow, you expect that ‘In God’s time, it will all come right in your favour’, ‘All those layabouts will get what is coming to them – NOTHING and you, faithful servant, will be blessed and approved of, in a public way so that all can see the rewards of a righteous man’

Yeah… OK…

I guess you could keep waiting for that.  I guess you could keep telling that story.

Or you could finally see the truth that it never had to do with how hard you worked.

It had everything to do with WHAT YOU CHOSE.

If you choose that rewards can only come after you have proved yourself, fought the good fight, earned it – WHEN EXACTLY WILL YOU FINALLY CHOOSE TO HAVE DONE ENOUGH?

You may believe that some deity in the far off sky will finally pat you on the back and give you everything and it will then prove how worthy you are but it will not happen


Because you are not allowing it.

YOU, my darling are not allowing it.

YOU do not think you have done enough

YOU do not think you have paid the right price

YOU do not think you are worthy

And the Divine cannot get anything to you that you will not allow.

Take a good, long, honest look around at those who seem to have what you lack – They do not work harder than you, they are not more pious than you, they are not ANY DIFFERENT from you, honey.


Whereas you chose to NOT have it until you had proved worthy of it and you cannot decide fully whether you have met the mark and so you are waiting for some external person or deity to finally tell you that you are enough and nothing, no one will.

RIGHT NOW, CHOOSE what you want.

DECIDE you are worthy of it for no other reason than you want it

Stop basing it on some arbitrary rule of what you have to do to get it.

Connect to the Divine and stay connected.

Do what feels cool to do while holding to the fact that what you have chosen, decreed, DECIDED, MUST come to pass.

And for goodness’ sake, get off your high horse of trying to be more holy than anyone else and LOVE, ACCEPT yourself for who you are.

You do deserve the best, my love.

You are meant to thrive and prosper

You are meant to live a free, fulfilled, financially-abundant, love-drenched life.

It is all available to you…


You are the one with all the choices.

Right now, you are choosing to struggle for everything and still not get it – YOU CAN CHOOSE AGAIN.

Not sure how?


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It is such a subtle thing to be forever holding yourself away from all your desires.  Surely, you are done with that.

There is another easier, simpler way to live life prosperously.


Much Amazing Love

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