When, my darling?


When will you admit that everything is not well?

When will you admit that you are in pain?

Not necessarily because there is anything wrong with your external world…

In fact, from the outside looking in, most things look ok.

Not perfect, of course, but life is not too bad…

You are working.

You have a family that love you.

You have enough stuff

Yes, there are some things you still really desperately want…

but overall, life looks… ok.


YET there is a pain, a deep pain within you that is always on the edge of your consciousness.


And every so often, when you cannot keep it under lock and key anymore, it comes up for air.

🔴 You have a massive argument with someone you dearly love.  You are not even completely sure why you are reacting so badly… but you cannot stop yourself.  There is high drama and many many tears and horrid words thrown back and forth.

🔴 Or maybe, you do something really truly stupid.  You knew it was stupid when you were doing it but you just could not seem to stop yourself and then you go on a ‘beat yourself up’ rampage. And then something else terrible happens as though to punish you for the aforementioned crime.

🔴 Or maybe, You spend way too much and get yourself back into deep deep debt

🔴 Or maybe, you eat and eat and eat and then purge and purge and purge or you just allow your body to get fat and then you use your words to internally slay yourself some more.

The thing is, while you are doing these things, you almost feel ‘good’.  It takes your mind off the inner pain that you cannot seem to get away from.  It almost feels ‘right’ to have such high drama all the time.  And if you cannot find your own, you tend to go help someone else with theirs.

And all to avoid that inner pain.

Why not admit to the constant pain, emptiness & sadness and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?

Why not GET SUPPORT with it?

Oh my love, you are so powerful… SO SO POWERFUL and yet, you use your power against yourself.

You are so wise when it comes to everyone else’s life and yet, when it comes to your life, you can be so silly.


There is a deep cry within you that awaits your acknowledgment

You can be free of this inner anguish but you have to admit to it, first.

Let me support you.

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Much Amazing Love

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