When things do not work out the way you planned.

What do you do when things are just not the way you want them to be?  So you have a plan, you know where you are going to be and at what time but then, out of the blue, your tire bursts on the motorway and you are stranded.  Of course, it chooses to burst at just the spot where your mobile phone signal is at its lowest ebb so you are uncertain as to whether you can make a call or not.

Luckily for you, we are in the UK so there is usually some kind of service phone along the road for just such occasions. 🙂

This last week has been pretty annoying in that just when I think all systems are go, a little part of the day goes pear-shaped (usually to do with childcare!!) and I am left floundering, wondering how on earth to rectify the situation in the time that I have before the appointment.

This happened on Thursday, I had Friday all set up, childcare in place (in the form of tloml who was working from home) and then pow! out of the blue, he was called into work and all my finely laid plans for acquiring a new client went flying out of the window.  Now, normally, I would take this in my stride but this time I just broke down and wept.  You know how it can sometimes feel like you have reached the pinnacle of your endurance and you get pushed one little tiny bit more, then everything comes spewing out, all the tension, all the stress, everything…  Well yes, that was me on Thursday morn, just wailing (Ha ha!).

The difference this time for me however was the fact that even though I was wailing, inside of me, my brain was working ten times to the dozen trying to find a solution.  Going through every member of my back-up crew of helpers to see who might be free.  I felt myself saying to myself (weird, huh?) – You have so long before you have to pull yourself together but it is ok for now to vent.

So vent I did.  The poor family- they had to listen to it 😀

Yes, I did sort out the problem in the end.  Thank God for helpful friends!

Ultimately, the point I am trying to make is that on the path to success in whatever area of life you are working on, there may be some hurdles and setbacks.  That is alright but what is your reaction to them? Some people decide it is all too hard and it may be time to stop.  Sometimes  it may well be the time to change direction.  More usually though, we take any excuse as a reason to give up.  I say this because I have done it in the past and all I have to show for it are regrets.  Don’t do it!

A more empowering method may be to take a little time to vent and wail if necessary but then dust yourself off and try again!  The truth is most times there is a solution to a setback if we will just keep our minds open and send out a quick prayer.  Whatever your belief system, if we are dead set on a path, we do tend to attract solutions towards us.  No one says it is always easy but it is definitely not impossible so just keep walking forward.

To Your Success!

Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it.

Eliza Tabor

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