When things are not what they seem…

A second ago, as I browsed through my mind trying to figure out what to write today before the curtain of tiredness descends on my brain, I was looking on Facebook.  As people do.

Things are not what they seem

While browsing, I was stunned to see a status update of someone saying :-

Remember you are in control of your actions. Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be helpful. Be ethical. Be positive. Be Active!

Very true! It is the kind of thing I would have written on my Facebook page.

However, I KNOW this person!  I KNOW the kind of things they have done in the name of ‘ethical’ business practice and they are certainly not thoughtful, helpful, ethical or positive.  I suppose they were active but not necessarily in the way they should have been.

And suddenly, I realise that things are not what they seem.

How can we tell?  How can we decide who to trust?

On the surface of it, people can present themselves as such angels on the internet and we are left envying them and their lives.  We want what they supposedly have and the unethical ‘gurus’ lap it all up.  They play on our emotions and because we never really actually communicate with them, we never know the truth.  We never realise the truth behind the lies.

Despite all the dishonesty that can exemplify a few people’s business practice ( and really, they are the minority), can we make choices that are true to us?  YES we can!  No one should ever be allowed to have that much control over us that we stop thinking for ourselves.

Anyone that seeks to take away our free will and our ability to choose should instantly be removed from our lives.  This goes for employers, church leaders, family members and just about anyone.

I always choose to give people the benefit of the doubt but there are times when your first impression or their first action towards you gives the game away.  It is usually best at this point to withdraw and actually pay attention to your instinct.  Do not ignore what your insides are saying.

I married a man that my family did not agree with because I loved him and my insides said go ahead.  When all the voices around me seemed to be against me and I could not hear what my inner heart was saying, I broke things off with him.  This allowed me the time to pray and seek guidance.  As soon as I was sure, I became calm and carried on. We are thankfully about to celebrate our 12th anniversary and our union has produced 3 amazing princesses.  I am ever so thankful I followed my inner voice.

On the other hand, there are times when people/situations have made me uncomfortable and because I needed to please someone or the other, I just fell in line.  Needless to say, disaster generally ensues.

How do you deal with people/situations when things are not what they seem?  I would love your opinion…

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