There are times in life when even visionary, ambitious, powerful people just feel down because no matter how hard they try, nothing seems to be working all that well.

I have been through many a time like that.

I still remember being at this low, low, LOW point, the month before winning the Porsche Boxster.

Standing on the side of the road, crying my eyes out as I had just had ANOTHER car accident 3 weeks after the last one.

I had gone into the back of a taxi. They were claiming all manner of neck ache. The ambulance was called, the police were called and I just started wailing and wailing AND WAILING!

It was the final straw (or so I thought)

I had been working hard on my dream of building my own business for about 11 months or so.

Juggling taking care of my 3 young princesses – 5 years old and younger.

Viewing properties and trying to be brave with estate agents when inside, I just felt like some frumpy mummy wannabe business woman.

I was still in my job as a pharmacist which I disliked.

I was crying every time I had to leave my babies anywhere and they would be crying as I left too.

My hubby was working away from home.

And this was about 11 months into getting serious about building my vision of working from home and pushing, pushing, PUSHING. Yes, I had seen some wins but it was TOUGH-GOING.

And so when this car accident happened, I just broke down right there on the side of the road and wondered if I could keep going.

YEP, I know what it is like to be a woman on a mission that seems to be going nowhere.

And yet, I just kept taking the next step.

Thankfully, I had been immersing myself in empowering wisdom in books, audios, mastermind groups, coaches/mentors for a while at that point as I had always known that my mind would either take me out of the race or I would win the battle within and stay in the fray.

And so, though I felt really hopeless at times – I would throw out a prayer/affirmation and just take the next step.

With hindsight now, I can see how losing that car prepared the way for the arrival of the Porsche but until you break through, you do not know how close you are to the breakthrough.

You just have to keep going.

You just have to keep trusting that you did not come this far to be broken and left by the wayside.

You have to keep trusting that the universe is truly backing you up, no matter what it looks like in the physical reality.

And you have to do all this, no matter how long it takes because remember, the only way to fail is to QUIT!

So, honey, come immerse yourself in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY so that you bolster that inner confidence and rewire that brain for increased wealth and happiness. You can trial it out for just a dollar at

And make a commitment to yourself that, come what may, you will just keep taking that next step.


Just do whatever you need to do to keep moving forward.

Do whatever you need to do to win the inner war.

Much Amazing Love

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