Today I felt anxious…

I woke up…

I chanted my affirmations…

Prayed my prayers

Connected with Papa

And still felt anxious…

Anxious that dreams will not happen quickly enough for me

Anxious that all I do, is in vain

Anxious that I am crazy to have such a big dream

Anxious that I am even crazier for thinking I can bring it all to life…




And after fighting it for a while…

I simply leaned in…

Leaned on Papa – I do this thing where I sit on His lap in my imagination…

And I allowed the feelings to wash all over me

I stopped trying to make them go away

I just let them be

While choosing to consciously remind myself that my vision is my permission…

While consciously choosing to remind myself that I get to choose how my life plays out…

That I am capable of my calling…

I reminded myself that this is just the stretch…

The growth

The expansion

It does not need to mean anything more than that…

I chose not to give it any more meaning

I just let the feelings be while I did the next thing

And the next thing

And the next thing

With my eyes firmly on my vision

Even as I write this, I feel the tension…

The tight feeling in my chest

The wondering if I am broken somewhere

The desire to run away

To hide

To definitely not write about how I feel at times

The fear yells that I need to hide this away

Pretend I am always perfect

Pretend I always feel perfect

But Papa looks on lovingly

And reminds me that there is nothing to hide in love

And so, today, I come with a message of hope that despite the despair and anxiety that can sometimes overshadow you, it is okay.

You can keep moving forward

Do not give it too much meaning

Just let it be while you keep your eyes on the vision and stay connected to the Source of all…

While you keep taking the next step

And when you really cannot move because the feeling is just too overwhelming then rest, relax, cry, wail if you need to…

Do not make yourself wrong

Choose not to wallow too long though

I find that action tends to make everything seem a little brighter and lighter

And then I can praise myself for choosing to keep showing up for my life regardless of how I felt

Which in turn makes me feel even better.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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