Most people are practised in the art of doubting themselves.

Most people are practised in the art of holding back from taking action.

Most people are practised in the art of feeling like a fraud.

It does not feel like a habit anymore.

It feels like this is life.

It feels like you have no choice in the matter…


You are literally the only one with ANY choice in the matter.

You formed the habit of self doubt and lowered self-esteem, you can change the habit.

You can choose to practise believing in yourself.

You can choose to practise taking the action you feel guided to take

You can choose to practise feeling important, feeling like you belong, feeling like it is your divine right to prosper.


And whatever you practise, my love, you will absolutely become.

Yes, I know that your external reality may not rush to catch up with your new way of doing things but if you will keep practising, it is inevitable that your physical world will change.

You may not even believe that last statement because you are so immersed in feeling like you can’t do anything different.

AWAKEN, my love.

You need to start your immersion in THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY and CHOOSE VERY DELIBERATELY to spend the 20 minutes listening to empowering wisdom each day – Let it dissolve your fears and doubts and you will start to catch glimpses of how life can be when you return to your natural confidence.

And those glimpses will become longer and longer periods of feeling confident

And that renewed confidence will enable you to respond positively to the Divine nudges within you.

You will start practising living an intuitive life and it is inevitable that prosperity in all its forms will be created into your life.

No longer will you be practising self-doubt.

No longer will you be practising staying stagnant.


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Much Amazing Love

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