Some people like to judge others.

They say others are too rich, too greedy, too worldly, too money-focused, too selfish or too lazy and it all is a reflection of what they themselves are on the inside.

I am not that person…

I do not seek to judge anyone though I have my moments when I am truly tempted but my eyes get drawn back to my own issues and I remember again that we are all-powerful people living under the lie that we are weak.

We are all loved people living under the lie that we are alone and unloved and these silly thoughts that we carry keep us bound, trapped in a life that is okay but is not all that we kinda know we can live.

Some people do not have that wisdom, though and it is a pity.

Because all the judgements fall first on them and keep them bound up looking out at all the problems they think others suffer from and it is all a waste of a perfectly good life.  They even tell themselves that this small existence of theirs is looked on favourably by their god but it is all nonsense.

In the meantime, while they nit-pick about the most silly things, there is a world around us that needs each one of us to wake up.

To wake up from the lies about what we are able to do…

To wake up from the lie that anything is withheld from us…

To wake up and be all we can be so that we are fully released to open our hearts and change the lives of others who cannot yet see what is so clear to us.

I hear people talk of world hunger, of poverty, of illness ravaging bodies, of young people going to ruin, of domestic violence, of nations that are committed to a hate-based lifestyle and in most cases, it is all just talk because you personally have not yet woken up to what is possible for you.

You keep waiting for someone out there to go do the work that you are perfectly designed to do or even to fund but you cannot because there are things here in your home that you have not yet overcome…

And you have not overcome them because you still bind yourself up in nonsense.

1. Nonsense about what you are allowed to do, if you are to be a good parent, a good Christian/or whatever your belief of choice is…

Guilt eats you up when you spend time following your passion so you cannot give yourself completely to it.  You refuse to question your beliefs about what a great parent is, what a great spiritual person is, what a great partner is and so you stay trapped in old ideas.

And that will ALWAYS limit your effectiveness in bringing about change.

2. Nonsense about if you are allowed to get rich

How can you not see yet that money in itself is not bad, it is a way to impact your world and then the world out there, instead of sitting around blaming the government for not doing enough.

Get over your resistance to this and learn how to make loads of money – Some for you and yours (and please realise you are allowed to live in luxury, if you want!) and then let the money flow towards supporting others who need the support while showing them how to create wealth for themselves too.

3. Nonsense about whether you have what it takes to really impact people

Of course, you can – you feel called to it so why not figure out how to do it instead of continually doing things that do not make you come alive.

And while you are bound up in this nonsense, the world awaits your awakening.

You have a message of health and you have not yet figured out how to get it into the world and so, you remain small with passionate beliefs that no one gets exposed to…

You have a message of self-care and again you have not figured out how to get it out…

You have a message of hope to those young people who feel so unloved because of a fluke of birth and again, you are too scared to fully commit to doing what it takes to tell them…

You want to teach people to grow their own food so that hunger starts to end but again, you have not learnt to fully commit to your message and to fully get it out…

And peeps, it is TIME!

The world really does wait for you to fully wake up.

You must learn to promote yourself…

You must learn to create wealth…

You must do the work that you dream of doing…

And you must rid yourself of old beliefs and stresses and worries so that you have the clarity you require to move forward and change lives.

I am called to support entrepreneurs (current or about to be) to create wealth doing exactly what they feel called to do and I offer you my support.  If you know that 2016 is the year you start to impact people (the huge numbers of people you dream of) and change lives in a tangible way rather than just something in your head…

Then let’s talk – PROJECT YOU is here – and yes it is all about YOU! because as we work with you to release the awesome within you, the world is changed.

It is time to get over the ‘not knowing how’, the ‘not sure I can’, the ‘Am I allowed to do this?’, the ‘I don’t have the time’ and all of the stuff that holds you back…

So that you can truly become the person you are created to be.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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