I want you to think about this with me, for a moment…

What do you believe your life is to be about?

Is it really just to have gone through school

then college

then found a nice job

then a partner

then produced children

then worked all day every day to provide for them

then watched TV to relax in the evening…

then gone to their graduations

then taken a few holidays

then taken care of your parents

shown up at church…a lot

Then got given a title in your religious organisation so you feel important and useful…

Faced down a few challenges…

Got involved in some dramas…

Finally retired

And then well… waited to die.

Is that to be your life?

I mean, it is an okay life…

A bit boring…

But it is what most people do…

And they seem to like it well enough… maybe…

But, tell me, is it what YOU want to do with this life adventure?

Is ‘normal’ all you want to be?

Please do think about it…

Because I do wonder, at times, if you realise what you are doing and who you are being…

This is not what you dreamt of when you were younger…

You thought you would do amazing things

Change lots of lives

Make lots of money

See all of the world

Live in mansions…

Fly first class at least once

Maybe even make it normal for you

Write books

Create music

Create awesome art or at least, go see it in various places around the world!

You dreamt big dreams

And then you allowed life to suck them out of you

Except it happened so slowly that you did not even realise it was happening

Except for that deadness you seem to carry around with you all the time

The only excitement in your life has become the dramas that other people bring into your life

But you have accepted it as ‘LIFE’

In fact, in some ways, the drama breaks up the monotony so there always seems to be some drama

And then you do not have to spend time thinking about the pointlessness of life

Instead you can pretend to be too busy to do anything different

I am being harsh, I know

But I KNOW you…

And this is not you

You have forgotten

And I want to awaken you

Maybe, it is not my place too

But hey, you are reading this so even you know that I am speaking to you

The only question is, will you do something about it?

Will you get deliberate?

Will you remember who you are?

Will you DECIDE to create the life you desire?

Will you build the business and make it work?

Will you stop being SO AFRAID of failing?

Will you stop trying not to fail?

Will you instead start living with the full expectation that you ALWAYS win?

Will you do what it takes UNTIL it takes?

Will you eliminate the YUK stuff from your life so that there is room for the awesome?

Will you stretch, expand, BE ALL YOU CAN BE with this one life of yours?

Will you lean in closer to the Divine and allow full expression?

Will you?

This life is a gift

An opportunity to create something awe-inspiring

Will you be your wild, fearless self again?

“Some of us were such fools, bringing on ourselves sorrow and suffering all because of our sins (our misalignment with our true design)

From The Bible


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