Life is not as great as you want it to be.

You want so much more

But you just keep plodding along, telling yourself stories about having no choice.

Complaining about all that you do not have, but staying static in your life while telling yourself you have no choice.


For me, it took bankruptcy, despite being a ‘successful’ pharmacist
a 4 year long depression

Having 3 princesses and not wanting them to go down the same path.

I had followed all the rules and yet, somehow life was YUK!

I had ignored all the previous gentle signs –

? the low-level-depression

? the emptiness,

? the distaste I woke up with every day that I had to go to work

? the overwhelm

? the wondering if this was to be my life forever

? the ‘NEVER EVER ENOUGH’ in the bank account

? the drama in my relationships.

It took the sledgehammer of bankruptcy & depression to shake me awake.

Now I see these things as gifts but really, I could have changed course at any time.

What signs are you ignoring?

How long will you keep doing that?

Are you ready for change and transformation?

Are you ready to AWAKEN fully?

START with the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY – Go over now and read all about it at

Just read it.

You will KNOW in your heart of hearts whether you need it or not.

And please do not tell yourself stories about money or time.

I somehow found the money to go bankrupt and I somehow found the time to be depressed for all those years.

I hope you are wiser than I was.

Much Amazing Love

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