Honey, you are worthy of the best.

Is this the best for you?

I know you might start telling me about children and extended family and all the repercussions of leaving the relationship but again, let’s keep it really simple – Is this the best for you?

I know change is not easy and I do not even suggest that you start by leaving immediately.

It is however time to start bolstering up your own self-affection.

It is however time to start building your own self-esteem.

Again, you are worthy of the best and if you would find a way to trust the Divine, you would know exactly the way forward.

The thing is, you have been convinced by your partner (who has a vested interest in you staying there, taking abuse – It gives them a sense of power. Power that they cannot get from anywhere else, it seems.) and by the world at large that being in a relationship, no matter how painful is better than being alone.

But you already feel alone.

You already hurt.

It is time, my love, to take responsibility for your own happiness.

It is time, my love, to start using your divine creative power to visualise yourself out of that situation.

Picture yourself happy.

Picture yourself (and your children, if appropriate) free and enjoying life.

Fill out the gaps – What kind of home do you have? How does it feel? What kind of work do you do?

Feel yourself as loved because you are definitely loved and supported and WANTED by the Divine.

And as you do this regularly, you will feel an inner strength building.

You will get intuitive nudges.

Yes, to begin with, it will seem impossible as I imagine your self-esteem is almost gone, depending on how long you have remained in this situation.

However, as you follow through on the gentle nudges, you will step by step make your way out of the situation.

You do deserve the best but you have to believe that enough to DECIDE to claim it.

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You deserve it.

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Much Amazing Love

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