This morning, I got notified by Facebook that one of my ads had been disapproved after being approved because the bot thought it was a ‘get rich quick’ or ‘MLM work from home’ thing…

After writing 3500 ads in my own business and also supporting private and mastermind clients with their ads, I know what works in FB land and I tend to avoid things that will get disapproved but hey ho, this one got through

And it got me thinking again about what I considered to be my Source of business

And thankfully, I remembered as I remained calm that it was not Facebook ads…

Regardless of what they are doing, regardless of algorithm changes, regardless of whatever, whatever, whatever, they are not my source

The Divine Is

Me knowing that I am co-creator with the Divine – THAT IS IMPORTANT!

And it works for all areas of my life

I have learnt (or am learning in some areas) not to be attached to anything

Not the way the government is doing things today

Not what the banks are doing

Not whether this relative or that relative likes me or not

Not whether that person that I don’t even know on social media, likes me or not

Not my clients or customers

Not whether I use this or that diet…

Not whether I eat this or that food…

Not whether I do this or that ‘surefire winner’ strategy to get business

Not my business itself (or job for you, in you are still in one)

Not my husband

Not my children

NONE OF ANY OF THAT is my source…

THERE IS ONE SOURCE – The Divine (or whatever you wish to call Him)

And as I align myself with that, all my desires are always met, if I have the conviction to CLAIM them…

My desires may be sent through one of the aforementioned means or through some completely unexpected path…


And just to be clear, it is not a passive thing where I just sit around doing nothing, waiting for my supply to come

I take aligned, intuitive action

I do the inner work as well to ensure I am partnering the inner with the outer to accelerate the results to me

I still have days when I get a little forgetful about my source but overall, I am proud of the trust I have built up within me that allowed me to keep moving forward even when everything outside seemed plain old scary.

And now, as I continue to go bigger, it never fails…

“Papa is my instant, constant, unlimited Source – I can live in trust and all my needs are always met”

Do you need to develop this trust?

Because I see too many spirit-driven peeps holding back from their destiny simply because they do not trust they will be taken care of…

they talk a good game about faith at their religious organisation but they have bought into the normal way of thinking which is that your job is your security and so they never ever allow themselves to build their visions because they are petrified of losing their one ‘security’.

You are surely not one of those peeps, right?


Now, stop procrastinating, start-stopping and dilly-dallying and realise that faith is simply taking the next step despite what seems to be overwhelming odds


And before you go, did you see what I have put together for you?


Check it out at

Much Amazing Love

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