That underlying story you have within you, is determining the results you get out of life.

Is it a story of victimhood, where everything and everyone is against you and you have to fight for every single little thing?

Is it a story of how nothing ever seems to work all that easily for you?

Is it a story of how everyone tries to scam and take advantage of you?

Is it a story of needing safety, security from banks, governments, parents, partners and so on?

Or is your underlying story one of self-belief, self-empowerment?

Is it a story that everything you touch turns to gold?

Is it a story of how everyone wants to support you?

Is it a story of being able to do whatever you set your mind to?


An easy way to guess, is by looking at your life currently…

Is it what you desire?

Or is it somewhat less than all you dreamt of when you were younger?

And please realise this has nothing to do with the success standards of the world around you because you might well be doing better than most but is this what you desire?

You are the only measure

you know in your heart of hearts if this is truly your real life.

So, is it?

If it is, well done, you are one of a very teeny-tiny percentage of people who actually live out the calling on their life

The chances are that this is not the life you hoped for.

Well, look at that underlying story.

Do you need to change it because it is controlling you and you are probably telling yourself that you have no choice but to react to the events that come at you.

You forget that you are powerful creator of your life and that the universe will deliver to you the exact story you are passively allowing to remain in play.

Get out your journal

Ask yourself ‘What do I want?’

Write it down and notice what countering thoughts rise up within you

Notice when you try to settle – “Well, it is unrealistic to expect this so I could just have that” – STOP IT!

Notice those thoughts.

That is your underlying story.

What do you want to replace it with?

Write that out.

And start repeating your new story to yourself until it takes.

You may think it makes no difference but you must understand that your every action is determined by what you think is possible for you.

So, change that story, my love.

You will act differently and you will get different results.

The transition will feel tough but surely, you are worth it.

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Much Amazing Love

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