You want to impact many, to change the lives of many and yet, it feels tough, hard, uncertain and you wonder when you will finally break through!

And I work with people just like you, successful in certain areas but not necessarily in the areas that you want to be and there are certain threads that plague you over and over again…


It is one thing to talk about being connected and it is another thing to actually live in the experience of it.  Most people talk about it, sing about it but feel very distant!  When you long to be Spirit-driven and you don’t feel like it is your reality, you start to think that Spirit is against you and does not want you to reach your goals and so then, you hold yourself back because you are not sure whether you are on the right path for you.

Your desire for a sense of connected spirituality takes precedence over everything which is great but then when you don’t feel the connection, everything else is put on hold as you wait for a clear signal, a clear sign from the heavens that it is okay to move.

The sign was given in your vision but you don’t realise this because you feel abandoned and distant.  There are simple solutions to this feeling that will get you back on track, running full-out after what you want to do.

For one, make the decision to stop thinking that the Divine is far from you!  There is nowhere you can go to be far away so why not choose that empowering thought instead and then act from there.


This is an area that most leaders gloss over.  They think it is irrelevant and think it is just for fun and do not realise the impact it can have on their results.

Your sexuality can give birth to new ideas, new life and it instills in you a deep inner confidence and also instills in the people you are here to serve a sense that they can trust you.  You come across a lot more charismatically when this area of your life is working.  Leader, you must handle any issues you have here because you cannot be like a norm with broken parts of you that you ignore!  The work you are here to do is way too important for that.

When you fully see that, then you will know that you cannot have these blocks within you.


As a cutting edge leader, many in your current existence notice that you are pretty darned powerful.  And they want a piece of that and you get dragged into many a drama that is not yours to handle.  But you think you have to and as you are not feeling all that connected to your internal wisdom, your higher power, then you don’t realise that you are jumping off your narrow path to go help people who can help themselves and who are not yours to help.

You think it is right that you save the world and you spread yourself so thin, getting involved in nonsense that is not yours to handle and next thing you know, you are stuck not doing any of the things you dream of doing but very busy saving everyone else AND FEELING RESENTFUL about it!

But you think you HAVE TO!

You do not!

And if you would dare to actually ask the questions of the Divine, you would know this but you think that being spiritual is equivalent to being a pushover.  I know you do not think of it that way but your actions prove otherwise!


Religion can be a source of great freedom for some but for you, it has become a bit of a guilt machine!

All the rules you think you need to obey to be an upstanding member of your religious community is keeping you from your real work!

You are jumping through all the hoops your leaders place before you because you think you need them to give you a platform and again, because you are not connected personally with Source, you think this is the way but again, it is all a distraction!

And it is one that makes you feel guilty, shameful and you fear that you will be punished if you don’t jump through all these hoops!

For goodness sake, honey!  Stop spiritualizing the fact that it is simply not working for you!

You make it seem holy to stay on this ‘sacrificial’ path but actually, it is just a safety blanket because you are too scared to leave what you have always known and actually start doing the big work you are here to do and so you settle for the limited version.  Com’on Leader, time to be free!


If you are honest, you are angry.  Not in an obvious way because you don’t think you are allowed to feel what you feel.

But there is a recurring theme of resentment that runs through your life.  You feel resentful that people do not value you more! After all, you are working your socks off trying to keep them happy and they do not seem to acknowledge you for it.

And if you are completely honest, you are resentful at your higher power because he/she/it does not seem to be rescuing you from this confusing existence.  Yes, you have found your way to a level of success but it feels a little like your dreams and the vision you are so sure came from the Spirit is just there to taunt you and make you feel incapable of getting there and so yes, you are angry!

As you start to look at elements of your life, you feel as though lots of time has been wasted being manipulated by others and you are angry with your self and also with those others but again, you bury it all and keep doing what you think you have to.

But how long can you do this?

At what point will you finally realise that you need to get healed and unblocked from these things so that you can start to live the life you are here to live.


An abundance life can be yours, if you will choose to get unblocked.

The above 5 reasons are some of the most common things that hold leaders like you, back and the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY can help you get unstuck so that you can have the intimacy with the Divine that you long for, the positive impact on the numbers of people you feel called to and the extra income you know can be yours.

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Much Amazing Love

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