What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work?

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What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work?

Do you use email marketing in your business?

Email marketing is a great way for entrepreneurs to stay in touch with their customers.

It is also a great way to stay in touch with people in your team if you are a network marketer or direct sales consultant.

It can be done fairly cheaply which is why it has proved very popular for business owners. They can stay in touch with their subscribers at the touch of a button. Another benefit of email marketing is the fact that almost everyone of your prospects is likely to have access to email so it is certainly worth staying at the top of their mind in this way. Most people walk around with their smartphone attached to their person so as soon as you send your email with a compelling heading, you will find that you can get a lot of response.

The problem for a lot of entrepreneurs is that they do not realize just how simple it can be to do this in a strategic manner and so they go right for the sale instead of trying to get their prospects onto a mailing list and realizing that they are more like to convert more people into customers if they hear from them more than once.

Yes, I have heard of people blanket emailing people from a bought mailing list. This is a sure fire way to get accused and fined for sending spam. Please do about doing things the right way and get permission from people before you send out regular emails.

And then the other complication would be when entrepreneurs try to make the whole thing really problematic. They delay and delay on creating an email campaign because they are nervous about getting their message out into the world. They are worried that they will lose the people on their mailing list and they forget that it is ok to lose people who are not likely to buy from you from the list.

Each name on the list is being paid for so let the ones who refuse to convert to buyers go. That is absolutely ok.

So, How does email marketing work?

The idea is not to use your normal email inbox to send out a lot of emails to your prospects. You may find yourself blocked by your internet service provider or email service provider in no time at all. The idea here is to use an email autoresponder service like aweber or getresponse or infusionsoft to store all the email addresses of your prospects and then send out an email from there.

The added benefit to doing it this way is that you can automate the delivery of emails which means that everyone that joins your mailing list get access to the very same emails and they get conditioned to hear from you in exactly the same way. And yes, either they like what you have to say or they don’t. Whichever way, you keep only people who are interested in you and your products.

To increase the amount of engagement and sales from your email marketing campaign, consider optimizing the emails. This just means testing and checking which emails get the best open rates and click through rates. And so, over time, you will see what works best and get a great email marketing campaign in place and continue to make an abundance of sales from it.

You may have the best emails on the planet but unless you have a great headline, you will find that no one opens anything and so they do not experience your awesomeness.

Get good at writing those subject lines and monitor the ones that seem to get the high conversion rates. It is as simple as creating a lot of emails and sending people through your mailing list and then testing to see what gets the highest open rates. Take out the low open rates and try to figure out what makes people react to the ones that are working for you.

Write a few more emails and slot back into the campaign.

Keep doing this until you have a range of emails that lead people to the sale.

Get to work on this and do not over think it.

Just keep it simple and watch to see what happens.

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