There are tips and steps and strategies and plans in abundance.

There is advice coming out of everywhere for all the things you need to do.

And you are a perfect student – You do it all so well.

You practise and you show up and you push and you hustle and you dream the bigger dreams and you try to allow but what the heck does that even mean?!

And it is not working.

And so you look for more tips and tricks and strategies and more ways to do the things you are doing.

You change what you are offering, change the way it is positioned to see if you can make the marketplace accept you, you are willing to do ANYTHING to get your dream life.

You sneer at those spiritual folk sitting on their behind praying and affirming while doing nothing.

And yes, I would rather work with you than them but…

It still is not getting you anywhere.

And why?

Here is a revelation above all revelations.

But it may pass you by because you do not fully get it yet.


But maybe you are ready for it.

The revelation is simply that you don’t think you are doing enough.

You don’t think you are enough.

And so you are creating exactly what you believe.

“I am not enough and so I have to jump through more hoops.”
“I am not doing enough. I need to run myself even more into the ground until ‘someone’… I don’t know who that someone is… tells me that I am now enough and then, maybe then, the money will flow to me”
“I am not enough. Look at how my dad/mum/siblings treat me. If they, who should love me the most, do not believe I am good enough then how the hell can I expect the world to think that I am enough?”
“I am not enough. Even God wants me to keep jumping through hoops to satisfy him so maybe, this is my life… to always struggle and never quite get there until I get to heaven when I die. I guess I should be happy with that” – (But you are not!)

These are thoughts that are hidden within your psyche as you read books to find the answer, listen to this person or that person give you another tip, trick, strategy.

These are the thoughts you seek to drown out as you put the TV/music on loud so you do not have to listen to the incessant voice in your head pushing you, chasing you, making you work ever harder and still never quite satisfied.

These are the thoughts you run form as you practise meditation or mindfulness hoping to become so blissful that you never have to face this stuff.

What if you truly believed you are enough?

What if you truly believed that all you needed to do, was show up boldly as you in the marketplace, doing what you want to do while inviting those who want to do it with you to come?

No contortions as you try to do what some guru said to do.

No hoops to jump through to be acceptable.

You fully accept yourself so that others could fully accept you too.

Can you even believe it can be that easy?

The only thing you need to defeat is the fear that you are not enough.

Because you are.

You are created in the image and likeness of the Divine with purpose coursing through your veins and that purpose is linked to your desires – the things you want to do.

The things that you sometimes think are selfish or self-indulgent or too easy.

You ignore that and go work hard to build a life you don’t want but think you have to have.


How much more peaceful would life be?

Break free from the nonsense the world would have you believe about yourself.

Tap into the Divine and hear how accepted and loved you truly are.

And from that solid foundation, boldly claim the life you really want.

DECREE WITH ME: I am enough. I have always been enough. I will always be enough.


I invite you to increased prosperity, as you choose FREEDOM.

Freedom from the war within: The war between what you think you can have and what you really want to have.

Freedom from arbitrary rules that keep you down.

Freedom to live to your true design.

Freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it and with whomever you want to do it with.

Freedom from the tyranny of fear and self-doubt that keeps you replaying the same cycles repeatedly.

Freedom in every area of your life.

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Much Amazing Love

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