What if you are supposed to feel good all the time in order to create wealth?

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Feel good, create wealth

What if you chose to feel good all the time?

I am just putting an idea out into the world…

What if we all decided to just focus on what makes us feel good?

Would that increase?

Would life seem a lot better for a whole lot of people?

Or do you think that it is impossible to feel good all the time?

You, like many, think you must find the issue, you must face it head on and fight it down and try to fix it with all your focus on it.

You look for why the problem exists, you try to solve it by getting to the root of it but what if…

What if there is no root…

The problem just is.

And the more focus you place on it, the more the problem grows…

The solution may be found more easily by thinking of what you do want.

Could that be an easier way?

There is a quote by Henry Ford that says something along the lines of “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have told me a faster horse”.

And that rings so true to me in this moment.

We think the solution is to be found in staring down the problem but the real exponential solution is only found in focusing on what you want.

If you are lucky, you may stairstep your way to a better place if you think of the problem but for most people, they stairstep themselves to a new problem, a new concern, a new feeling of being out of sync with what they think they want.

You could choose a different path.

You could choose to quantum leap from where you currently are to where you know instinctively that you want to be.

You could think from a higher plane.

You could be like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates – See a vision of what you want and just focus on creating that.

Leave behind the ‘normal’ way of doing things – After all, you know you do not want the normal life experience, do you?

The normal experience is despairing, worry, fear.

Why would you want that?

What if you could actually live in love, light, joy, hope and courage all the time? Would that not be an easier way to live?

It is so outside our normal experience that we have forgotten how to go there and stay there and create from there but something inside longs for that experience again.

Because we know this is not our home.

We know that this particular experience of life is not how it was all supposed to be.

There is a longing within us to return to who we are.

And I get it…

For most, maybe for you, it feels like you have been AWOL for so long from where you want to be. And so you keep searching for a solution within the problem but all that does is take you further and further away from where you started.

Instead, raise your head and begin again to remember who you are.

Remember the powerful creature you are.

Remember that you are a miracle.

Remember your dreams.

Remember what it is to be happy.

Take yourself to the place of happiness inside of you and outside of you.

Break free from the ‘normalcy’ of life.

Do something different and tap into that place that you, deep down, remember.

Go somewhere that inspires you and sit there, whip out your journal and write down what you want, how you choose to feel in this moment and tap back into who you really are.

Yes, it will feel strange to think that despite all the issues you see in your current life, you can step away from it and choose to focus on what you want.

You may feel irresponsible.

And yet, you must make a U-turn.

Because all this focus on what you do not want, has brought you face-to-face with it.

Repent, turn around and focus instead on what you do want.

There are things that must be done, for sure, to fulfill the expectations some may have for you but do not stay there.

Be the crazy one that refuses to wallow in what others may term failure.

Instead, keep your eyes focused on what you are here to do.

And act from that place.

Stop doubting, start acting.

Act from that place of ‘this is who I choose to be’, ‘this is who I am’, ‘this is what I am creating’.

Stop thinking about whether you are good enough, worthy enough, able to do it.

Because that is already a done deal – You are.

Just begin.

Act from inspiration, not desperation.

You can do it.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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