You keep looking for the one way where everything will be exactly the way you want it to be.  You listen to this person and you copy them for a while and it does not work.  You listen to that person and you copy them for a while and still it does not work.

And you begin to wonder if you are cut out for this thing called ‘success on your own terms’

“Maybe, it is best if I keep doing things the way I always have” is what you subconsciously say to yourself as you gradually stop taking action on your business.

After all, life is not all that bad, is it?  You look successful and this business of yours is eating up more of your time and money than you thought it would, so you wonder why you bother.

Why not give in and let it be one of those dreams that other people make happen?  You can find fulfilment in your current life, can’t you?  You just have not tried hard enough to find it, right?

So gradually, you stop taking action in the direction of the life you really want to live and you settle for a life that is okay but nowhere near all that is possible for you.

And more than that, you settle for not impacting anyone.

You settle for not changing lives.

You settle for just getting by.

Is this really what you want?

You can have this boring, safe existence but you must realise that you can have whatever you set your mind to.

Nothing about your current ‘success’ came easy to you but it was the more normal way that things were done in your family and among your peers so you believed you could do it and you worked hard to make it so.

However, when it comes to your dream life – the one where you are changing the world with your message, your product, your service, your opportunity – you do not completely believe it is possible, do you?

You believe in bursts and then you reset to normal because you are not consistently doing the work to change what is going on in your head – Be honest!

You are not, are you?

You expect it to come easy to you and it can but you have to actually believe it is possible. Or else you will keep dithering, putting one foot in this camp and one foot in the other, veering wildly from one high to the next low and all that emotional tension is taking you away from the practical work that must be done.

And then you go speak to your friends and family about what you are up to and they, with good intentions but no understanding, tell you exactly what you want to hear “Oh, honey, you are doing too much.  You are doing well over here, why not just do more of that and take it easy?  Forget that other thing.”

And you lap it up and begin to think that what they say makes sense.

Because it is what you want to hear.

But you have done this before, haven’t you?

Like me, you are a capable person.  And because I am so capable, I kept creating success in ways other than the way I really wanted to.  I kept going for the success that felt normal – I became a pharmacist, I built a successful property business and it all felt tangible and real but it was not fulfilling me.

However, every time I would start to do something that more closely resembled my true dreams, I would be unable to stick with it for any length of time because it just felt too impossible so I would hit a brick wall, stop believing and go back to my normal life until finally, I hit rock bottom.

First, I got seriously broke!  I dealt with that by starting another unfulfilling business so…

Next, I started to self-sabotage in order to get rid of the business that no longer suited me.

And thankfully now, I am too horrified to go back to a meaningless life and I stay firmly on course with my dream at the top of my mind to keep me going.

How can you make this a reality for you?

First, Remember…

Begin again to remember why you started this journey – Think of the lives you want to impact, think of the wealth you choose to create in your life (and remember it is okay to think of that! Money just helps you do more for yourself and for others), think of the legacy you want to leave on the planet…

Write this stuff down in a journal.

Really tap into the joy of being a person that lives that life.

And then…

Do the work.

It may start with choosing to do one thing each day to take you in the direction of your dreams but you must do it.  I did not quit my old life immediately, I just squashed it out by cramming in more and more of the things that took me in the direction of my purpose.

The old things just got crowded out and they still do.

Each day, I do more of the things that I choose to do to continue building my dream life and business and so, by default, I do not have time to do the other things that I may have done before.

You can do this too.

Little by little, your life begins to take shape the way you want it.

More time is spent doing things that lift you up.

Old things fade away.

Some old friends fade away as well.

And your life and business start to take shape right in front of you as you deliberately choose to create the life the business you want.

Honey, you are created for so much and even as I type this, I hope you see that the dream in your heart is so worth it.

Instead of thinking all the time “What if I don’t get there?”

Think “What if I Do?”

It is time to do the internal mind shifting work and the external ‘get your message out’ work.

Start now.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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