Life is so simple and yet so hard…

It could be easy but we do not always like it to be too easy

We get suspicious

We think we are not working hard enough

We think it needs to feel tough and YUK

And when it feels YUKKY, we feel we are making progress

And then some decide that they will give up on their dreams in order to have an easy life but that is also just copping out

You can have your dreams and also allow it to feel good

Yes, yes, YES, there is practical work to be done

But it does not HAVE TO feel hard and yuk

It is the emotional tension behind it, that makes it feel that way

And we have a choice about that

We can loosen up

We can choose to do only things that bring us pleasure

We can listen to the intuitive nudges and allow them to lead us easily to the desires of our heart

And we can trust

We can trust that life is supposed to feel good


We can trust that it does not make us irresponsible to allow ourselves to make feeling good a measure of whether we are on our right path or not…

I know you can start to think of all the dire situations in your life or other people’s lives…

And you can want to point out to me that life is not all fun and games

But how does that even serve you?

How does it help you to fight for your limitations?

What if, despite whatever seems to be happening in your life right now, you started to figure out HOW YOU CAN FEEL GOOD?

What would make you feel joyous and loved up, in this moment?

When I first started to think of this, I had truly forgotten how to just have fun…

How to just feel awesome…

Life had become one dreary responsibility then the next

The thing is that for most of us, nothing is happening that is all that bad right now…

So why then do we still feel we have to feel bad in order to survive?

How does that help anything?

I am sure that when we all die, the first feeling we will have (dependent on your beliefs, of course) will just be relief…

As the heavy weight we chose to carry all the way through life is suddenly lifted…

And we realise that there was never anything to worry about.

We really were safe, loved and fully supported

And we could simply have had lots of fun

What if you do not wait to die to feel that relief?

What if you start now to figure out what feels good and do ONLY that?

For me, sharing these thoughts with you, feels good

Teaching you to make money feels good

Teaching you to connect with Source and feel loved, feels good

Teaching you to be fulfilled doing ONLY what you desire to do, feels good

Singing feels good

Writing feels good

Speaking feels good

My life is full of good-feeling things

And I allowed myself to figure out how to make it make me money

And that definitely feels good…

I invite you to work with me in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE ASSEMBLY

Let me teach you step-by-step how to build a business that feels good and makes you money

I have no doubt that it will feel hard at the start

As I said, the emotional tension we put ourselves under is hard to shake but if you will persist

You will breakthrough to good feelings and ease

As I always say, make freedom the goal first and then ease will follow

Let’s get you a new income stream that feels good and empowers you to live free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched.

Are you in?

Then come get started at

Much Amazing Love

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