Spiritual peeps want to pray and pray and pray and pray.

But then you ask them to DO SOMETHING to take back their throne and territory, they hide, make excuses and forget that they are called to be warriors of faith.

I love you, honey but let us get VERY CLEAR HERE – WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MOVE FORWARD?

WHAT EXACTLY are you doing?

I know it can seem like there is nothing you can do but it is NEVER the truth.

What is more likely the truth is that you are scared to do what is being signified to you as your next step.

And you might doubt me and try to force me to TELL YOU WHAT YOU ARE AVOIDING but I don’t know the answer for you.

I just KNOW that everytime I tried to hide behind affirmations, prayers, beggings, pleadings, THERE WAS ALWAYS SOMETHING I COULD DO IMMEDIATELY.


It may not even have seemed to take me directly to my next level but it was what I KNEW I had to do but I did not want to KNOW that I had to do it because it scared me, it seems irresponsible, it seemed irrelevant or some other great sounding HUMAN reason for not moving forward.

Except I am more than human.  I AM DIVINE too.

And so, though I cannot always see the end from the beginning in my human form, the Divinity within me, CAN and I can trust that it is leading me to my break through if I would just freaking move my butt.

The answer to your prayers are YES already but now you have to act in faith, whether you scared, freaked out or just plain uncertain.

The choice is yours, my love.

Forever skirt the edge of breakthrough, getting older, tireder, more self-doubting.

OR… lean in, despite the fear and certainty that you will ABSOLUTELY DIE if you do that, & actually BREAK THROUGH.

What will it be?

Right now, you need to join the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY and begin your 30 day immersion in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE PATH TO PEACE & PLENTY.


Because your mind & everything you are currently immersed in, is leading you astray.

It is time to take back dominion over your life and affairs and you will start by immersing your mind in the programs within the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.


the rest will follow.

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Much Amazing Love

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