What does it mean to have innovative creativity?

Innovative creativityLets define this by splitting the phrase in two and deciding then what it means if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.


Creativity is the ability to come up with new ideas and this is a skill that can be developed. People tend to think that some people are creative and others are not but ultimately, it comes down to the individual to choose to be creative. Creativity is not just about the ability to draw or have artistic tendencies. Creativity can simply be the ability to come up with ideas, even ideas of a very practical nature.


As James Altucher says, “Ideas are the currency of life”. The person who is able to come up with ideas constantly is the one with the most potential to create wealth in business. However, it does not stop here.


You can have all the ideas in the world but if you do not also implement – innovation (to do creative things) then you are unlikely to make any progress. Creativity, on its own, makes for a whole lot of accolades but it is the person who goes on to make the ideas reality that will ultimately go away with the money.


And this is where most entrepreneurs fail. They run from one shiny penny to the next without settling down long enough to make their dreams a reality. And therefore, the marketplace never get the opportunity to experience the ideas that are being dreamt up in the mind of the business owner.

Innovative creativity is a combination that works to create wealth time and time again for anyone that chooses to go down this road.


How can you become more of an innovative creator?


  1. Practise coming up with ideas each and every day

    This is an idea propagated by James Altucher – The concept of becoming an ideas machine by deliberately coming up with new ideas each day and writing them out, no matter how silly until you work your ideas muscle into action.

    If you deliberately do this, you will find that coming up with new ideas becomes easier and easier and as mentioned, your ideas are where your wealth is created.

  2. Do not get caught up in overthinking

    The problem a lot of budding entrepreneurs face is the fact that they get new ideas but then think themselves out of them because they are not sure how to implement. Instead of doing this, get into the habit of picking one idea and taking the first step before you think yourself out of a great idea.



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