Honey, today is the day that everything starts to change…

Not tomorrow when you have learnt something new…

Not tomorrow when you suddenly have some more time and the children don’t need you, or the partner is happy or the parents don’t want you to run an errand or something…

Not tomorrow when things are suddenly somehow more perfect…

Not tomorrow when you are more clear about what you are about…


Today is the day that you move the needle. A LOT!

Today is the day that you get out there in the world and you make things happen…

Today is the day you offer your thing for sale…

Be it book, music, ministry, service, product – TODAY IS THE DAY that you stop just dreaming but that you become a courageous dreamer that changes things for yourself and for your family and then for your community and then the world.

I am watching you…

Dreaming and planning and hoping and wishing…

And honey, enough already!


You are the magic.

You have the power to change things now.

All you need to do is…


What do you want to sell? What skill, expertise, product (yours or someone else’s), book, music, art? What is your thing?

Why is it important to you? Why do you think people need or want it?

Make a list of things that the people in your world want and also why they will not buy?  Lets get you prepared to talk about their desires and also their objections so that you can speak to your people as though you know their heart.  Go deep with this.  Be as clear as you can be, today, about who your people are.  Yes, this is an ongoing exploration but it does not have to take you a heckuva long time to get it sorted.

Now, start to communicate who you are and connect it to what they want – Blogs, videos, livestreams, short social media updates DAILY!

Communicate, communicate, communicate.  Your words go before you and sell people on you first.  And then they are more likely to put money down on your thing.


I feel like I am saying this stuff all the time and yet, are you doing it?

Come on, honey, there is a world to change and you are thinking too small abotu what is possible for you!  THINK BIGGER – Watch this livestream for more understanding as to why you may not be taking the action – https://www.facebook.com/RosemaryNonnyKnight/videos/798055097036702/

OK, lets talk capturing people – You need to be able to follow up with people and one way to do that is to build a powerful social media presence.  You have already started doing that by creating a heckuva lot of content and putting it out in the world.  The next thing to do is to actually get eyeballs on what you are offering so join FB groups where your people are likely to be or even LinkedIn groups.  Share your content there if you are allowed and then also, connect with people within the groups.

Create a lead magnet based on what your people would be interested in and invite people to have it, in return for their email address.  Use a service like RosemarynonnyKnight.aweber.com to store those email addresses.


Write 5 automated emails that point people in the direction of your product/service/ministry…

Tell people on social media what you have for sale…

Make individual connections with people as well to tell them what you have on offer.

Do a livestream telling people your offer as well.

Be on as many platforms as your people are on and tell them, tell them, TELL THEM!

Do not hold back from asking for the sale.  As long as you are actively delivering inspiring, entertaining and educational information, do not be worried about asking people to buy what you have to offer.  It goes without saying that you need to be excited and convinced about what you have on offer, right?!

And if you do believe in what you have, the how dare you hold back from telling the world about it.


How else will they know?

We live in a very distracted world.  You have to tell people in as many different ways as possible how you can help them.  Tell them, Tell them TELL THEM!

Do not assume they know.  This is one of the worst mistakes made by entrepreneurs.  They think everyone knows but no one is paying all that much attention and so unless you are boldly asking for the sale over and over and over again, people will forget what you have on offer.


Show up, deliver content, TELL THEM. Invite them to buy.  Invite them to hear more from you.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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