What are you waiting for?! Inspiration?!

You are the inspiration

Oh my gosh, I did it…

I caught myself but not before I heard the words leave my mouth!

Here I am sitting in bed, the house is silent as I get my quiet time on…

I have spoken to God, I have journal-ed, I have read my inspirational book for the allowed 20 minutes or so and for some reason, this morning, there is no spark, nothing to latch onto, no rant ready to pop out of my fingers…

So, I go off to look at my email, browse the Facebook feed, feel a little sorry for myself and then I hear the words flow out of my mouth…

‘Papa, I need inspiration…’

And then, I catch myself!

What absolute nonsense – What rubbish!



Me, warrior princess, ME?!

Waiting on inspiration?!!!

How silly! and in that moment, I opened up Microsoft word and began to write about not knowing what to write because sometimes, it is just the action that actually makes all the difference.

OK, the chances are that if you are not yet fully owning your Wealthy Warrior – ness or your DMness (sorry, I cannot use the actual words as Facebook does not like it!  Here is what I am talking about – RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/DM) then you do not understand what I am saying at all.

You may still be one who thinks that unless the muse takes you, then there is nothing you can do.

You may be one of those who wait and wait for a word from the heavens before you do what you KNOW you should be doing…

And so you might be one of the masses who don’t do very much at all.

And maybe you are ok with that…

Maybe, you tell yourself that life is not about the doing and maybe you are right up to a point…

We are human BEings after all and yet, how can you know who you be, if you do not do as well!

The doing causes an experience of who you be.

I wonder if that makes sense to you.  Our whole life is an experience of who we choose to be.  And we can only experience it as we take action on it.

The action then allows us get clearer about whether this is actually who we choose to be or if we need to further refine it.  And so we are all on a journey to uncovering our best self in business or in life.

But most people dream about what they want to be, who they think they could be if circumstances were just right…

They hang around waiting for inspiration before they start the doing of who they want to be and so they never really know who they are.

That underlying dissatisfaction remains because deep within, they know they are not living full out.

And that is why I was shocked with myself this morning as I ‘waited on inspiration’!!

As soon as I caught myself, I chose to get to work and trust that inspiration will come as I go and grab it.

And yes, it did!

Inspiration is all around you but you have to CHOOSE to begin first even when you do not feel like it.

You choose to lay aside your fears, doubts, whining, moaning, groaning, complaining and all of that stuff and just make a start.  There is always something you can do.

Sometimes, that something might be to get up and move so that your creative juices flow.

Sometimes, it is to recognize that you will not always produce the best stuff immediately but it is okay to start there and get better in the doing.

You choose to trust that you are on a mission to your best self and therefore, you choose to allow your ‘not best bits’ to be on display because you know you cannot wait for perfection.

You also know that perfection will not come while you sit on the fence waiting for inspiration.  Perfection, if such a thing is possible, will only come when you refine and sharpen your skill, your talent, your strength.

And you can only refine and sharpen yourself as you do the work.

You do not go from zero to hero in one step.

You do it by consistently, persistently doing SOMETHING regardless of how you feel about it.

You do it by choosing to serve someone anyhow you can today.

You do it by choosing to be vulnerable in your imperfection, knowing that every thing you do uncovers more of the person you choose to be.

And that is a great thing.

Because you ARE on a journey and the journey continues for as long as you are alive.  There is no time to wait for inspiration, you create it, you tap into it, you become it as you keep moving forward regardless of what you feel.

Come on, Warrior!


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