What Anyone Else Thinks Of You Is Of No Relevance To What You Do Next To Grow Your Business!

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What Anyone Else Thinks Of You Is Of No Relevance To What You Do Next To Grow Your Business!

So, you are in business… or thinking of it…

And now you need to ask potential customers to take a look at what you are doing.

Maybe, you want to sponsor more people into your business…

Maybe, you want to get more clients…

Maybe you want more people to go look at your ecommerce site and actually put their money down and buy something…

And all you can think of is what will this person think? Or what will that person think? Or how can I come across so they do what I want them to do?

Or let’s look at another scenario…

You want to get a speaking gig and every time you speak to THAT person who could give it to you, there is a sense that you are haranguing them…

Or you have a prospect right there in front of you and you are getting the feeling that they do not want what you are selling and you can feel the confidence draining out of your body even as you keep going…

So, as a reaction to this feeling, you try to cut the conversation quickly or you keep going but you have lost your power and you can hear yourself sounding weak and wimpy but you are not sure what to do about it.

Well, honey, I understand.

I have been there time and time again!

I even get as far as giving the speech and find myself getting very wimpy just around the time when I am telling them how I can help them.   I lose all eye contact and my voice gets quieter and I am sweating a little harder as I stat to feel that vibe coming to me from the audience. You know the one I mean?

“She is trying to sell us something, let’s tune out”

Or on my email list, I send regular emails – VERY regular emails and there are days when I have managed to get the wrong people on my list and they send me a message and confirm what I, in my weak moments, allow myself to believe.

They say things like ‘Too many emails’ and now I just delete those.

But some are quite personal and call me a spammer, or tell me I am irrelevant and those I find a bit more difficult to ignore and I am tempted, OH SO TEMPTED, to tell there where to send their feedback but I am not the swearing kind so I wish them well and try to get it all out of my head.

Because, honey… What they think of us is none of our business!

We are leaders, we cannot allow people’s opinions to determine what we do or don’t do next. Our focus is on service, not opinions.

Do you believe that what you are offering could help the person right in front of you? Yes?

Then offer it.

Stop trying to judge what they are going to think of you, stop deciding someone does not need to hear of your opportunity because you are scared to approach them and you have decided they are fine without you and your wares.

Do not allow yourself to make that judgement.

Yours is to offer to serve in some way and theirs is to decide what they will do next.

Of course, listen to valid questions and concerns but overall, do not allow one person’s opinions to impact you so much that you stop doing the work.

Don’t let your happiness be so easily swayed.

Instead, lean deep into the Divine and get all your love and support from there instead of getting it from a prospect who does not even know you that well yet.

So, to end, what people think of you is of no relevance to what you do next.

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Much Amazing Love

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