What a difference doubling makes?

By November 10, 2012November 14th, 2014Self Development

Here I sit, all alone apart from the backgroound TV noise.  I should be planning my 10 minute talk but I just cannot find inspiration.  I have an idea that I want to talk about – Surprise, surprise – Property but I need to give it life and I am not succeeding in inspiring myself yet. 🙂

So… I was reading a book this morning, well skimming through a book I have read at least 3 times before.  A book by a lady called [amazon_link id=”1909116009″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Vicki Wusche[/amazon_link].  A very insightful book on how to use other people’s money to invest in property.  Definitely an interesting topic.

While I was going through the book, looking for inspiration, I was brought back to the amazing power of doubling.  I mentioned it briefly in this post on the ‘Slight edge‘.  Imagine doubling a pound coin every day and guess what will happen.

Take a look at the tables below –

In just 21 days, a pound doubled each day becomes over a million pounds.  Pretty amazing what small beginnings can achieve in such a small space of time.  Of course,  I am not saying it will be so simple but imagine what you could accomplish by investing what little you have today.

Now, lets look at it another way.  Lets look at what could happen as a result of lost opportunities.  That daily coffee you buy at the coffee shop…  Just 2 quid a day.  Think of it as 2 quid you did not invest in your future and see what happens …

Ok, so really we cannot give up all pleasures of life but the truth is we can start doing something right where we are.  Small beginnings are right where it all starts.  No one starts out rich unless they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and really that is not actually that many of us.  Most of us have to start with nothing and work our way to something.  What is it you dream of and I really do not only mean finances. There is so much to life apart from money and all of those things require that we invest some time, effort in making them into what we dream of.

Start taking advantage of your opportunities today and see what difference doubling can make.

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